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24-7 CCTV Launches a Range of CCTV Services


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2013 -- UK residents can’t walk far without being spotted on closed circuit television cameras. Nearly all major businesses have some sort of security cameras set up. And businesses that don’t use CCTV systems are taking a substantial security risk.

That’s a problem that 24-7 CCTV aims to solve. 24-7 CCTV is a CCTV company that offers professional and discrete CCTV installation services throughout the UK. At¸visitors will learn everything they need to know about the company, including pricing information and the advantages of CCTV coverage.

As a company spokesperson explains, the goal of 24-7 CCTV is to ensure businesses always have the highest level of protection for their properties, people, and equipment:

“Our CCTV service packages are designed to be the only security solution UK businesses need. We install CCTVs and show business owners exactly how to use those systems to their full potential. In addition, all of our personnel have been screened and background checked to a high standard, and we continuously upgrade and maintain CCTV systems after they have been installed.”

At, visitors will learn about the differences between the CCTV packages offered by 24-7 CCTV. Specifically, 24-7 CCTV offers:

-Traditional CCTV
-Analytic CCTV

The traditional CCTV package includes installation by SSAIB accredited CCTV installers and security experts. Analytic CCTV services take it a step further by offering intelligent monitoring, which basically means that the cameras are ‘trained’ to react to movement, suspicious activity, and certain types of objects.

Finally, Internet Protocol (IP) CCTV is the premium service in terms of high-quality CCTV transmission. IP CCTV customers receive high-quality audio and video feeds that offer resolutions up to 10 times higher than traditional CCTV footage. Cameras also have a much wider field of view. The result is superior facial recognition and sharper small details.

As the 24-7 CCTV spokesperson explains, all packages also include the ability for business owners to remotely monitor cameras over the internet or a 3G connection:

“We want to give customers peace of mind. And one of the best ways to do that is by giving business owners the ability to watch their business from wherever they are in the world. As such, all our security packages allow customers to view live CCTV feeds over the internet or a mobile 3G connection.”

About is a British security company that offers three levels of CCTV security services. The first level includes professional installation by security experts, while the next two levels include 24/7 high-definition video surveillance and intelligent threat tracking technology. Services are designed to protect businesses, their employees, and their assets. For more information, please visit: