24-7 Renewable Energy Project Seeks Crowd Funding Investors for No-Wind Windmill

An ingenious product, the environmentally friendly No-wind Windmill supplies energy from wind and methane to provide 24-7 reliable power for a home, business, or corporate energy supplier.


Tolna, ND -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2013 -- Creator Joseph Chiang is seeking investment on Indiegogo for his No-wind Windmill, an alternative solution for energy production that supplies reliable power from wind and/or methane. Chiang believes his windmill is the answer to the world’s ongoing necessity for energy, while it will also eradicate the need for nonrenewable energy sources like fossil fuels and nuclear power. The campaign aspires to raise $300,000 by November 24, 2013 at 11:59pm PT for the development and necessary modifications of the windmill prototype.

“Although using wind and methane for energy has been around for a while, my idea surpasses what is already on the market because of the product’s ability to supply renewable energy 24-7, and it eliminates the negative environmental cost associated with nonrenewables,” says Joseph Chiang.

Chiang’s windmill will solve a variety of problems presently. He has designed the windmill to run on methane when wind energy is low or obsolete. Therefore, renewable energy will be supplied at all times. The wind blades are also configured to improve wind collection by 400 percent. The size of the windmill will appeal to everyone, commercial energy suppliers as well as homeowners, as it can be scaled from 5 KW to 2 GW and is only 15 feet high at the hub.

In addition, implementing the No-wind Windmill could easily solve all the current problems associated with large industrial windmills or other environmental energy solutions, problems like excessive cost and space, associated government regulations, NIMBY stipulations, aesthetics, grid limits, wild and bird life inhibitors, and a lack of sun or wind.

“I wanted to design a product that would solve many of the problems associated with other eco-friendly energy solutions. And I believe my windmill does just that. As I see it, every household, business, or apartment could erect my windmill on their property, which would easily supply its energy need at little or no cost, as well as reduce the carbon footprint associated with century-old energy production and supply that negatively affects our world today,” says Chiang.

Those interested in backing the project will have until Nov. 24, 2013 to contribute. All contributors will receive a perk, but it will solely depend on whether the project’s monetary goal is fully reached. Anyone who donates will receive a windmill at $1000 dollars over cost. Contributions of $500 or more will receive a windmill at cost. Regardless, all money donated will be used in an effort to raise other monetary sources like grants for the project to complete its goal.

About Joseph Chiang
Currently a math and social studies teacher at a local high school in North Dakota, Chiang also worked in business for over 30 years. He decided to provide a solution to the world’s energy predicament by developing an eco-friendly energy solution, a No-wind windmill that is more efficient at wind collection while running on methane when little or no wind is available.