24 Hour Discount Deals

24 Hour Discount Deals Launches Its New Website Featuring a Network of Online Stores


Washington, DC. -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/22/2012 -- 24 Hour Discount Deals (http://www.24hourdiscountdeals.com) is announcing today that its new website has gone live and will be featuring a network of online stores, the best online discounts, and an easy to navigate website.

DeFlanders, media contact, was asked why the site was created. "We envisioned a website that has two purposes: to allow people to shop online and to have access to the best online coupons. There are coupon sites that people can go to for codes to use during checkout, but the process is timely, 24 Hour Discount Deals scours the Internet looking for the best deals so that it makes shopping a whole lot easier. We have a featured stores list that shows some of the hottest online deals currently being offered. With everything at the user's fingertips, the online shopping experience is faster and saves money, which is what our goal was - combining the two."

Asked about the kinds stores that shoppers can find on the site, DeFlanders said, "People will recognize the stores that are on our site, such as Walmart, Old Navy, Best Buy, Footlocker, Macy's, Office Depot, Petsmart, and many others. The website is very much set up to be an online mall giving customers all their favorite stores that they would find at their local shopping mall. Not only does shopping online offer more convenience and savings but it is environmentally friendly since it keeps people at home and not driving cars that add to the pollution problem."

"Online shopping has a built-in discount of sorts simply because it cost companies less overhead when selling products online compared to the local overhead costs. However, our coupons and discounts that we find and place on the 24 Hour Discount Deals website makes shopping online that much sweeter - it's like getting double discounts, one for just shopping online and the other an actual coupon to further save", said DeFlanders.

DeFlanders was finally asked about the future of the website, "We'll continue to enhance the website and bring in the best coupons and deals possible. We've designed the site to be super easy to use so that shoppers have the tools they need to not only shop online, but to save money and time doing it. Our future looks bright since our website traffic is increasing quickly and the feedback we are getting from visitors is very impressive and the reason we created 24 Hour Discount Deals in the first place."

About 24 Hour Discount Deals
The concept of having an online mall that people could shop at that was similar to a local mall was the founding vision of 24 Hour Discount Deals. The company also wanted to offer shoppers discounts and coupons directly on the site so they would not need to look elsewhere on the Internet. The company's founders have a passion for doing their part to lessen the environmental impact that vehicles on the road cause and online shopping is a great way to meet this goal and passion. The plans for the website is to continue growing and adding to the customer enjoyment as they shop online at their favorite stores.