24 Hour Pest Control Launches in the UK

You’ll never have to worry about an infestation again…


Manchester, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/12/2014 -- It has been announced today that a new UK pest control service has launched, offering quick and simple solutions to all infestation issues faced by UK home and business owners. Pest Control 24/7 are dedicated to providing an anytime anywhere call out service that utilises the knowledge of local pest experts and guarantees amazing results within only a few hours. With speedy response times averaging no more than sixty minutes, this could be the beginning of a much needed revolution within the industry that could change the way all UK residents approach pest control in the future.

Established only a few months ago, Pest Control 24/7 have spent a considerable amount of time implementing policies and procedures to ensure their customers and clients receive the best, most professional service possible. Never again will infestation problems cause the same headaches they did in the past. Thanks to this fantastic company and their dedication to removing the issue before it has chance to spread, pest control is becoming an essential element to the upkeep and maintenance of all UK properties.

Here are just some of the pest control services available to us all right now:

- Bee Removal - This can be a particularly delicate job, but luckily, this company employs experts who understand how to deal with all manner of infestations.

- Bird Proofing - Stopping animals before they get a chance to build a home inside ones property is the best way of avoiding any issues.

- Rat Removal - These rodents can be particularly troublesome to business owners, but thankfully Pest Control 24/7 has it covered.

- Wasp Nest Removal - Anyone who’s experiencing a problem like this will know how important it is to get things sorted ASAP.

- Bed Bugs Removal - Maybe one has just bought a furnished house that’s been empty for some time. This is when one might encounter bed bugs.

- Cockroach Removal - Once cockroaches start living in any building it can be extremely difficult to get rid of them, or, at least, it used to be difficult.

- Flea Removal - Nobody likes admitting they’ve got fleas in their home, but as these creatures reproduce at alarming rates, the only way people can neutralise the problem is by calling in the experts.

Anyone who wishes to contact Pest Control 24/7 for help or advice can do so by visiting their website or getting in touch via the contact information listed below. This company is always willing to assist anyone suffering from an infestation problem in the UK, and may consider expanding their operations in the years to come should the need arise.

For Media Info Contact: Rick@pestcontrol247.co.uk

2 Grasmere Road,
M31 4PF,
Telephone: 0161 883 1155