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Conestoga, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/23/2013 -- Two of the World’s most renowned fitness trainers and nutrition experts, Joel Marion and Craig Ballantyne, have recently devised up a new weight loss plan named, 24/7 Fat Loss. The plan encompasses advanced workouts with nutrient-rich diet plans to speed up the fat loss process in a person’s body, enabling him to burn his fat much more rapidly than any other plan, all day long. As the name suggests, the user can lose weight 24/7 after properly implementing the plan.

Joel Marion and Craig Ballantyne have been known widely for their effective diet plans and fitness programs. Joel Marion is a highly experienced nutrition expert, fitness trainer and a published author. He is enormously famous for his ‘Cheat Yourself Thin’ diet program that has helped thousands of people around the globe to shed their weight. He is a member of Men’s Fitness Magazine’s training advisory and is also on the expert panel at Craig Ballantyne, is a Health and Conditioning coach in Toronto and is one of the world’s most popular fat loss experts, widely known as a ‘trainer to the trainers’. His most famous work is Turbulence Training that includes fastest fat loss workouts in the world.

Their recently released, 24/7 Fat Loss has enthralled the people around the world, yet they still doubt its reliability. The plan aims to help a person, accelerate his fat burning process even when he is asleep. In addition, it primarily provides people with a system through which they can increase and stimulate their metabolic rates throughout the day.

The system given out by two of the world’s leading fitness experts possesses a bunch of useful information and procedures to help the people, know more about their appropriate diets that can keep them both fit and healthy. It points out two main reasons relating to why most people fail to burn their fats. The first reason, as stated at their website is that most of the fat loss programs only address the people’s calories, ignoring the state of their hormones, which control and direct everything in a body when it comes to fat burning. However, this fat loss plan ensures to keep the hormones healthy while the body constantly burns the fat. Secondly, most fat loss programs fail because of the recommendation of inappropriate exercises to customers that actually does not have any positive effect in increasing their metabolic rates.

The plan offers easy to follow guidelines including diet plans and workouts, that aims to balance the hormones and stimulate the metabolic rate in a body. The 24/7 weight loss program includes an 8-week training manual, finest diet program, workout logs, fat burning timeline, daily mindset portfolio and much more to help people accomplish their fitness goals. People are advised to beware of the 24/7 Fat Loss scam as there may be several knock offs being sold with the same name. It is always wise to visit the official site to buy the product.

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