24SEVEN Dry Armpit Pads Announce Crowdfunding Campaign to Allow People to Keep Walking with Confidence

What if there were a better way to stay dry and smelling clean? 24SEVEN says there is and they've turned to Indiegogo to raise the funds to make their dry armpit pads the next big thing.


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/07/2014 -- An important presentation. A job interview. A date out on the town. Just three situations where sweaty armpits can be an absolute deal breaker, and where conventional deodorants may not get the job done. Stepping up to solve this age old problem is the startup 24SEVEN who have recently launched a Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund their 24SEVEN Dry Armpit Pads product. These armpit pads could change the way people think about deodorant once and for all.

“To say we feel passionately about this new revolutionary product is a serious understatement,” commented a spokesperson from the company. “Not only have we put a great deal of thought, research and development into 24SEVEN, but we are absolutely confident the need is there. Once people see how well this product works expect it to explode, fast.”

Considering even the best deodorants begin to lose their power after only a few hours, 24SEVEN represents a real breakthrough. The 100% natural product, neutralizes bacteria, kills body odor and absorbs sweat for a full 24 hours, effectively. No other product on the market today can honestly make that substantial claim. By combining a safe and natural deodorant with a revolutionary sweat absorber that directly contacts the skin, the armpit bands easily outperform their competition, and unfailing keep their users dry, fresh and smelling clean.

24SEVEN is also a big step away from the pack, with its list of 100% all natural ingredients. Most deodorants are packed with very dangerous chemicals and even potentially toxic components, including things like: aluminum (a know neurotoxin, and some experts say a source of Alzheimer's disease, and breast cancer); parabens; propylene glycol; and a laundry list of chemical sourced fragrances. For the health conscious 24SEVEN is clearly a better choice.

The company has set a target of $10,000 in donations to bring 24SEVEN to market and the crowdfunding campaign is set to end on August 10, 2014. The possible donations start at $5 and work there way all the way up to $830, with different exciting perks set for the various donation points.

24SEVEN Dry Armpit Pads are completely unisex and work equally well for both men and women. Anyone who would like to be dryer and smell great while safe guarding their health can use the product with a smile.

The early response to news of the product has been completely enthusiastic.

James G., a lifestyle blogger from Chicago, recently said, “I can't believe what a great idea 24SEVEN is. I can see where this would be a much, much better way of staying fresh. I'm one of those guys who just naturally sweats a lot and I wish I could have had a product like this 5 years ago. Count me in, I can't wait to get my 30 day package.”

For more information visit https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/24seven-dry-armpit-pads.

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