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25 Years of Providing America’s Best Gym Wear Is Cause for Celebration at PitbullClothing.com


Sun Valley, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/24/2012 -- Gym-goers across the country struggle with it every day; the early mornings or late nights, the effort of preparing nutritionally-balanced meals and, finally, the strength-sapping workouts which are central to living a fit, strong, healthy life. As the media obsesses over reports of obesity and other health alarms, hundreds of thousands of dedicated Americans strive hard every day to ensure that their body is a true reflection of the strength of their will and determination to succeed.

For 25 years, these same American’s have had a friend in Pitbull Clothing, perhaps the most respected retailer of gym wear in the country. Everyone who’s attempted to use generic department store apparel for their workout clothes has soon discovered, on commencing regular, high-intensity workouts, that one of several things will regularly occur; the clothing will quickly lose its shape and start to look extremely unsightly, perhaps the products will fail completely, ripping and tearing or, alternatively, bad design will quickly become apparent as misplaced seams start to cause chaffing and discomfort. Working out is hard enough without this to contend with.

Is it any wonder, then, that seekers of quality workout clothes everywhere have flocked to Pitbull Clothing for over two decades? It’s not difficult to see why. “We offer durable, high performance, fitness clothing for both men and women,” the website confirms. And what’s more, it won’t break the bank. With a massive range of bodybuilding clothing and apparel for every physical activity imaginable, PitbullClothing.com also manages to do what so many others in the industry can’t; that is, offer all their gym clothing at truly affordable prices, something which means so much to their loyal customers across the country. To further ease hip-pocket pain, many orders can take advantage of their free shipping to US residents, which is simply another way in which Pitbull clothing has decided to thank their dedicated clients.

Finally, there’s one last way in which Pitbull has been giving back to the generous community that’s supported it for the last 25 years. While other fitness retailers move the majority of their manufacturing jobs offshore, Pitbull continues to create more and more jobs within America by ensuring all of its gym wear is exclusively a product of the USA. As the website explains, “All products are manufactured in our own state of the art facility in the USA. We take great pride in designing and manufacturing our products under one roof which ensures that our commitment to quality and ethics is followed.”

For these reasons and many others, people everywhere can look forward to many more milestones to come for the pioneers at PitbullClothing.com. And, just like their customers, it seems as though all the hard work has truly paid off for the Pitbull Clothing team as they move into the next 25 years looking healthier than ever.

About Pitbull Clothing
Pitbull Clothing is the America’s most trusted retailer and manufacturer of gym-specific clothing. Catering to every type of fitness activity imaginable, PitbullClothing.com has stood out from its peers due to a winning combination of high quality products, affordable pricing and perhaps the best customer service available in the industry. Celebrating 25 years in business, Pitbull Clothing is a true American success story. For more information, visit http://www.pitbullclothing.com