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27-Year-Old Black Jeweler Giving Back to the Black Community


Dallas, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/03/2020 -- DevsDiamonds is a Hip-Hop-inspired jewelry (Cuban chains, iced out pendants, etc) brand using ethical diamonds and gold to contribute to the progression of the Black community. Committed to being a company known for uplifting Black lives, DevsDiamonds donates 10% of monthly profits to programs and initiatives uplifting Black men, women, and children.

As a luxury brand, the DevsDiamond team of top quality craftsmen use genuine, precious metals and offer a variety of stone options. From silver to gold, customers' jewelry is guaranteed to be of natural metal, thus, giving it everlasting value. Not only does the jeweler provide precious metals, but DevsDiamonds also has options for 5A Cubic Zirconia, VVS1 DEF Moissanite, VVS1 DEF Natural Diamonds, and much more.

"Too often we see music artists and professional athletes invest their money into another ethnic community when purchasing high end jewelry. Jewelers are profiting off of Black wealth, and oftentimes not contributing to the Black community", stated DevsDiamonds CEO, Devon Carter.

Devon's vision for DevsDiamonds was inspired by a conversation with Cincinnati Bengals Defensive End, Andrew Brown (Devon's first cousin). After comparing the costs of jewelry and the effect that money could have on the Black community, Devon put in the work to build a team of master craftsmen to produce authentic jewelry, and started his mission to uplift his community with precious stones and metals.

"Our ancestors were Kings and Queens. I see beauty in being able to invest into the Black community by purchasing gold and diamonds", Devon explained.

All DevsDiamonds jewelry is made-to-order, which allows for every piece to be made specifically for each buyer, matching their standards, measurements, and preferences. While other jewelry companies use copper and alloy, the base metal of DevsDiamonds jewelry is 925 sterling silver.

With master craftsmanship and the use of genuine, precious metals, DevsDiamonds products maintain everlasting value. From 10k gold to natural diamonds, the new Black-owned jewelry brand has it all.

DevsDiamonds provides buyers their dream chains, bracelets, rings, and pendants both quickly and efficiently. Shoppers can feel confident purchasing from DevsDiamonds knowing that a portion of the profits are being reinvesting into building the Black community.


Media Contact: Devon Carter