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Saint Petersburg, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/19/2013 -- Sheriman AF, reputed blogger has provided in-depth analysis of World Prelaunch, the upcoming MLM venture on his blogging site Empower Network under ‘The Truth About World Prelaunch – Expert Review’ on February 6, 2013. The author provides, what he calls, the real facts on World Prelaunch based on thorough research as well as the responses from the World Prelaunch Support Team. In his blog entry, Sheriman answers crucial questions regarding the direct selling company, World Prelaunch, set to launch on March 18, 2013.

The blog entry in Empower Network, which is the blog started by Sheriman AF, pertain to helping businesses improve their earnings via marketing online and offer several strategies and tips to do the same. The latest entry by Sheriman clears the shroud covering World Prelaunch, the MLM venture that has been making waves in the news. World Prelaunch is a Multi Level Marketing venture being pioneered by a team of ‘professional network marketers’.

Sheriman quoted the World Prelaunch Team in his entry to explain the concept of the venture. The World Prelaunch team stated on their website, “We have combined the ‘Power of the Internet’ and the simplicity of a ‘Binary System” to create the perfect business building.” The website goes on to say that the secret behind the success of people in MLM industry is that they enter the company with a ready-made network.

Sheriman has also posted a reply mail that the World Prelaunch Team had sent him to answer his queries on World Prelaunch. The mail clearly explains the concept of the venture, how it works and what people stand to gain out of it. It said, “The company has already 4 years of solid growth, is debt free, and offers you a Global Opportunity.” The mail also described the compensation and payment plan under World Prelaunch.

Sheriman advised people to stop wasting time trying to get information and start building downlines. He wrote, “You are not paying for anything yet, but already can use this superb marketing front set-up in the form of this World Prelaunch.” He quoted the example of his sponsor who is set to make $2 million on the launch of World Prelaunch.

Sheriman invited people to join his team to be a part of the World Prelaunch and has listed offerings for those who join his World Prelaunch Team.

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