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San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2012 -- Online games are an immensely popular way to enjoy oneself during office downtime or when looking for an idle distraction. These games have traditionally been single player games, but with the explosion of social media, it should come as no surprise that multiplayer options are beginning to burgeon.

Online games generally seek to recreate the control surfaces and interactivity of classic arcade and console games, using simple direction and two button control to allow the player to interact with the world of the game to achieve simple objectives. The two player games created within this genre allow players to compete with each other using a single keyboard, or multiple controls within the same room, much like the old arcade games.

2 Player Games is a site launched to bring together the very best online games offering two player functionality, so that those seeking a more socially frivolous experience don’t have to spend their valuable gaming time searching through the thousands of single player games available to discover those with the two player option.

2 Player Games’ site follows a bold, colorful design set up, with a main menu that divides the games into their respective genres of action, adventure, car, fighting, girl, kids, shooting and sports. The site then features a “random game” widget to throw up a randomized selection of games from the sites archive to constantly present players with options they may not have found by searching for something specific.

2 Player Games boasts a collection of over 500 two player games, and dedicates much of its homepage to new games, as they are constantly scouring the web for the best two player games to increase their collection.

These games including fighting games such as Street Fighter II Flash, a flash version of the classic arcade game, and action games like Tank Trouble, in which two tanks are placed in simplistic mazes and can fire ricocheting projectiles at one another in a race to win by destroying the other player’s tank.

A spokesperson explained, “There are so many flash games out there but so few of them manage to replicate the authentic arcade experience because they miss the central tenet of what made the old school arcades so much fun in the first place, and that was facing off against your friends in these games, not a computer.”

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