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3 Best Ways to Lose Weight - Protein, Activity, and Dukan Diet Plan Support


Liberty, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/21/2014 -- From the American heartland, is now offering information on one of the most successful new fast weight loss diet plans on the market. Providing information and reviews on Everything for a Woman to look and feel beautiful as well as a convenient portal to online shopping, you’ll want to check out this information on losing weight fast – and keeping it off.

Picking up weight can go from being a minor problem in a person’s life to becoming a monster people just can’t seem to escape. Obesity has the potential to ruin a person’s life both socially and physically. It’s not just something that can cause serious psychological issues like depression and social anxiety, but also is harmful for a person’s fitness. And, of course, it can lead them towards a number of health issues if the weight continues to accumulate. Heart problems and breathing problems are fairly common – as are joint and back damage. This is why it is necessary to look for a fast weight loss diet as soon as possible.

The Dukan diet plan incorporates the three best ways to shed pounds and keep them off. You’ll be happy to know that while it encourages you to be active, it doesn’t involve a lot of exercise! What it does involve is plenty of protein-concentrated meals, plenty of water, and dietary fiber for regularity. The program wants people to eat healthy and be active participants in getting back those perfect curves for any upcoming event. It looks to forge a lasting, healthier eating system and thus works in four main phases.

The very first phase is known as the “Attack Phase.” Getting started may be the most difficult stage to get through as it requires complete abandonment of a person’s previous eating habits and getting started with some newer ones. However, this phase lasts only a short time – no more than 5 days - and can produce up to 10 lbs. in immediate weight loss.

The second phase is known as the cruise phase. Here you learn and get into the practice of following solid rules and convert them into permanent habits. It includes protein-only days and protein-and-vegetables days. You must walk for at least 20 minutes a day, too. As the pounds drop off, you may feel like being more active than that. Go ahead! But be sure to keep getting in your 20-30 minute daily walk!

Learn more about the consolidation phase, celebration meals, and the enduring stabilization phase that make the Dukan diet the way to go for a fast and long-lasting weight loss at the website from America’s heartland.

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