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Colne, Lancashire -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/22/2015 -- Recent reports by IBT pulse have revealed the incredible extent of internet usage around the world – and the potential this holds for business. The rise of internet usage has been especially acute in the past 20 years. Whilst 44 million people had internet access in the world in 1995, now more than 3 billion people are estimated to be online. It is also anticipated that internet usage is replacing other forms of interaction – with more time spent online than on the phone, for example. This is clear when it is seen that there are roughly 188 billion emails sent daily – confirming the importance of online communications.

The news also emphasizes the internet as an ideal medium for business opportunities. With so many people online, this opens up a large potential target audience – allowing for the prospect to appeal to new markets. With the ability to not only communicate, but buy and exchange over the internet, it is important that businesses make the most of this opportunity. The method of embracing these technological changes and keeping contemporary, is called digital marketing. This is a service ensuring that businesses have what it takes to sustain a positive profile in the competitive online world – including across social media platforms and regarding their output.

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DML are a prime example of a Digital Marketing agency dedicated to creating a strong online presence for their clients. They consider current trends in the field and use the latest techniques to allow businesses to perform well on search engines.

With years of expertise in the industry, they were quick to comment on the recent news:

"The statistics show that the internet is ever-expanding and thus attracting more potential customers all the time," A spokesperson said "The best businesses will obviously want to make the most of this. That is why it counts to be a step ahead of the game – with a fully responsive website and a strong media presence. Does this sound complicated? We can ensure that it is not with the expert advice of our trained team. Businesses deserve to succeed online, and we want to offer all the help possible in making this a reality."

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