3 Patients Reverse Kidney Disease by Free Videos by Healthy Kidney Publishing


Paramus, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/11/2014 -- Healthy Kidney Publishing is a company that focuses on providing quality content that helps people reach a better state of kidney health and even reverse kidney disease. This can happen in many cases. In this press release people will learn about some of Healthy Kidney Publishing’s videos and content about improving kidney disease. The videos cover all types of areas such as nutritional, diet, kidney cleansing, supplements including herbal remedies, vitamins, and various other nutrients.

To view one of Healthy Kidney Publishing’s top ranked google and youtube videos click the link below:

What Natural Remedy Can Improve Kidney Function

The video above talks about the natural remedy called fiber that has helped boost kidney function. It can help reverse kidney damage, and is easy to incorporate, and there are foods that are high in this natural remedy which will also help kidney damage.

Healthy Kidney Publishing is founded by Robert Galarowicz N.D who is a Naturopath (aka. Naturopathic Doctor, Alternative or Holistic Doctor) and a Clinical Nutritionist who sufferers from kidney disease, and wants to show people how to avoid kidney failure and dialysis. He has created a program called, The All Natural Kidney Health & Kidney Function Restoration Program which has helped many people. This program has also been used in nephrology offices in the United States.

Patients have been able to reverse stages of kidney disease. Below are some of their stories in their own words:

1st Patient Listed That Was Able To Reverse Kidney Disease

Kidney Function Improved With Just Diet Changes!

"I just used the diet recommendations and one supplement and had positive results... I hope I can improve my kidney function and reverse my kidney disease even further. Because of my positive results I will keep eating the foods, following the diet and the one supplement with this program. I didn’t have the money for the other healing pills and just stuck to the diet and the one supplement and still got improvement in kidney function."
- Blake, David – United States Resident

2nd Patient Listed That Was Able To Reverse Kidney Disease

"Robert, I Sent The Blood Work and Here Are The Results … My creatinine went from 3.1 to 2.1, GFR 17 to 39 which is a great improvement, potassium and albumin became in normal ranges. I thank Healthy Kidney Publishing so very much for this program. People have no idea how much this means to me and my family."
-Eliazar - Brooklyn, NYC

3rd Patient Listed That Was Able To Reverse Kidney Disease

"Doubtful Anything Could Help But Glad I Was Wrong … I came across one of the videos searching for stuff that would help my kidney situation. Robert knew first-hand what I was dealing with, so I purchased this program. Excellent material that has helped my kidneys, very happy I found this program."
- Walker, Abbey - Australia

Healthy Kidney Publishing has a variety of free videos. And to watch any of those videos click some of the links below to watch 1 to 3 minute videos about ways to improve kidney disease. These videos are full of information with science backed treatments and techniques to help people with kidney problems.

Video has a link to a free Special Report about kidney cleanses and kidney disease. People shouldn’t just use any kidney cleanse. Some can be dangerous if there is kidney damage. So, the video has a safe kidney cleanse to use and a free report about The A.M. & P.M. kidney cleanse designed by Robert Galarowicz N.D. Click the link below for the kidney cleanse …

Kidney Cleansing for Kidney Disease

Another video by Healthy Kidney Publishing talks about kidney disease and how mild exercise can better the kidney health and slow down and even stop kidney disease. Exercise is recommended by nephrology doctors to be part of a program to help reverse kidney disease. Click the link below to learn more …

Learn How To Stop Kidney Disease

About Healthy Kidney Publishing
Healthy Kidney Publishing provides information about ways to improve kidney disease with natural remedies. Some of these areas cover diet. Diet is the most important component to managing kidney disease. Herbal remedies that have been used in other parts of the world as standard medications. Healthy Kidney Publishing puts out this information in ebook, videos and special reports. They provide information that is backed by science and found in nature.

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