3 Phase Features a Relentless Sound Far Divergent from Anything Top 40 Has to Offer

Heavily influenced by modern progressive and grunge bands (Tool, Alice in Chains to name a few), 3 Phase is the result of a musician with years experience finally able to reveal his true colors. Featuring a raw and unforgiving sound, passion and musicianship defines the first self-titled release and provides listeners with a sound that is anything but pop.


Lincoln Park, MI -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/26/2012 -- Burl Begley developed his musical musings by playing in a top 40 band as a bassist and backup singer. Wishing to further exercise his creativity, he founded the 5-piece prog rock onslaught 3 Phase. After a period that led to the departure of the lead singer and guitarist, and an unsuccessful search for replacements, the band became (a more appropriate for the namesake) a three-piece outfit.

An evident chemistry and understanding of composition makes the new 3 Phase an incredible mix of raw grunge combined with the technical prowess of a progressive outfit. Lightning fast riffs complement marathon-style drumming, all of which is backed with passionate and well-constructed lyrical content. Upon first listen, it becomes apparent that the band’s sound revolves highly around the chemistry of its members.

It is the irony of playing in a top 40s outfit that makes the release of the band’s self-titled album a unique story. Recorded at a home basement studio, tracks on 3 Phase lack the overproduction and polish of any top 40s hit. Digitally mastered to perfection, the album provides a visceral sound that is intentionally raw and relentless. The tight-knit nature of the band and their passion for the art is truly an element of 3 Phase that must be witnessed firsthand.

As far as 3 Phase’s future plans, expect to see them back in the studio soon working on their next album titled “Striking the Distant”. Over the next 6 months, the band plans on finishing their new material before playing flagship rock venues in order to expand their fan base. Until then, the indicative rock expression that is 3 Phase can be purchased at and

3 Phase
Lincoln Park, Michigan