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3 Reasons Why the E-Cigarette Industry Needs Pharmaceutical E-Liquids Produced in the United States- Right Now

With FDA regulation looming, it seems that there is a video or news post every other day condemning the e-cigarette industry.


Toronto, ON -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/02/2014 -- Experts criticize the electronic cigarette brands for glamorizing e-cigarettes and question what ingredients are contained in e-liquids, or e-juice, as some people call it. In this article, we will discuss the e-liquids. The e-liquid, they say, is a mystery. Is it justified or fair? Maybe, maybe not. One thing is for sure, the industry needs a credible source for producing and then documenting what is in their e-liquids. Enter Bloog Viquid.

1) According to critics, no one knows what is in Electronic Cigarette e-Liquids
The big mystery surrounding e-liquids involves the ingredients. Many main stream e-cigarette brands carry e-liquids either produced in China or USA-made e-juice produced in buildings that may or may not adhere to good manufacturing processes. While some of these may be excellent, the e-cig smoker doesn't know which is which and the disclosure of the ingredients has come into question, especially with the e-liquid from China. Deemed unreliable, the Ingredient List is usually dismissed as unreliable. Which brings us to point two....

2) Of the e-Liquids that have an Ingredient List, most are dismissed as not from a credible source
Whether it is an imported e-Liquid from China or a local shop that gets their liquid from a US source, many of the critics claim that there isn't a reliable source to validate the documentation. Thus e-cig users may theoretically be vaping something more than they had anticipated. And that's why the critics and the media question the source of the documentation. And if one of those sources happens to be China, with their horror stories of lead in children's toys and melamine in milk, I can't say that I can really blame them. While many tobacconists and e-liquid producers do their best to produce a quality product, that is not the issue. The issue is ensuring that not only the ingredients are documented properly, but they are sourced from clean, reliable sources that everyone can agree is credible. Now I know that many e-cig brands and e-liquid manufacturers have provided documentation in the past, but the critics are still very vocal with their displeasure of the documentation's credibility.

3) FDA Regulation is imminent
Scheduled to have proposed regulation last year, the FDA has been delayed in their decision of how to handle e-cigarettes due to the US government shutdown. The tricky part is how to handle e-cigarettes. Are they a smoking cessation product even though people are still inhaling Nicotine? Are e-cigarettes a tobacco product because people are still inhaling Nicotine? Is Nicotine the problem, or are the over 4000 chemicals contained in the smoke that tobacco cigarettes create the problem? As you can see, it is not a black and white issue. And with the major tobacco companies jumping into the game, it only complicates things further. We can only hope that regulation is in the green section of the diagram at the right, not dangerously permissive as the critics are stating, and not overly restrictive, which the e-cig industry is afraid of. As long as it is fair to both the small companies, (small e-cig companies, tobacco shops, and vape shops included), as well as the large companies, regulation is welcome.

Ecig Canada, a luxury niche ecigarette brand, known for its E-Liquids, Cartomizers and KR808 batteries, began selling ecigarettes in 2008. As one of the first to market, Ecig Canada seems to always be a step ahead of the market. Why is that? By listening to their unabashedly loyal customers that have been with the brand for years. A quick scan of their Facebook page shows their customers love of the brand. The original challenge Bloog had is that although they have an American representative living in China and spot checking the production line of their e-liquids on a daily basis, the consistency of the flavor and vapor quality varied. Not to mention that they heard the same horror stories that the media was blasting. So over a year ago, they started their search for an American Pharmaceutical Company that could produce the e-liquids. The company would need to be FDA-Registered and use USP (US Pharmacopeia) designated ingredients. Moreover, by moving production to a Pharmaceutical Facility, Ecig Canada knew that the process would always remain 100% consistent. Why is that important? Think of your favorite cologne or perfume: you can buy at your local shopping mall or while vacationing in a shopping mall half of the world away- it is always the same smell. Why? The formulation and the process is always 100% consistent. Not 99.5%, or even 99.9%, 100%. The owners of Ecig Canada knew that if they could find a facility that had this level of formulation and process, the e-liquid would always be safe, consistent, and of the highest quality.

Fast forward to today's climate in the e-cigarette industry. An industry that needs a credible source of its eliquids from a reliable company. What is the ideal situation at the moment? A good start would be a US-based Pharmaceutical company that is FDA-Registered and DEA-Certified providing the documentation and Ingredient List of USP ingredients produced using cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Process) processes, along with a Certificate of Analysis for each batch. Ecig Canada has all of these bases covered. It is certainly not the be all/end all, but it sure is a great first step.

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