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3-Time CEO's New Book & Extended Case Study Explores Four 'Levers' of Business Success; Proposing Simple Holistic Model for Their Optimization

Jon Warner’s ‘Business Optimization’ bucks the trend of the traditional business book by proposing a simple, powerful and –most importantly- holistic model for sustainable organizational health. By showcasing four ‘performance levers’ (Prospects, Processes, People and Profits) and teaching readers how to pull on them in intelligent ways, the book’s extended case study ‘story’ format is poised to help any organization increase their profits and enjoy manageable growth.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2014 -- As any manager will attest to, the number of published business books is overwhelming. However, according to renowned speaker and three-decade management consultant, Jon Warner, they all share a fatal flaw – placing their focus on just one or two business ‘levers’ while ignoring the wider holistic process. Breaking the mold with gusto, Warner is delighted to announce his contribution: ‘Business Optimization’.

Everything is based on a model Warner has deployed for hundreds of his own clients. Told through a unique narrative that fuses proven theory with a story-style extended case study of a company, this powerful new book exposes the four ‘performance levers’ of business that are rarely pulled on and adjusted in unison:

‘Prospects’ - The first of the four realms because an organization needs to know where its future sales prospects are and should be coming from

‘Processes’ - The means by which a business manages its internal operations so as to deliver the product or service it has promised its customers

‘People’ - The individuals and teams who work in the business, directly and indirectly, on a part- or full-time basis, to appropriately address the prospect, process, and profit realms so that they perform at their best

‘Profit’ - The final realm, determines whether or not a business not only has enough liquid capital to supply the products or services it sells to its customers but can also earn a profit

Walking readers through each step of their continued optimization, any company or organization can get more customer focused, find new lucrative markets, improve the flow of their processes, increase employee satisfaction and ultimately sky-rocket their business’s value and profits.

“These four levers are present in every organization, and therefore require optimization for true success,” explains Warner. “While managers and owners are usually aware of their existence, they often pull on only one or two and ignore the wider perspective. It sounds overwhelming, but I’ve simplified the entire process and it is laid out step-by-step in the book.”

Continuing, “I also hope to shift how organizations focus on and control these levers, by asking more well-crafted questions. Huge insight can be gained from asking CEOs the right optimization questions and it needs to be an ongoing process. My model generates a culture of questioning, which will allow organizations to adapt to rapid change while always being aware of what they should do next.”

Early reviews for the book have been overwhelmingly positive. Marshall Goldsmith, author or editor of thirty-four books including the global bestsellers ‘MOJO’ and ‘What Got You Here Won’t Get You There’, comments: “Winning in business is not defined by inventing the most talked-about product; winning is creating a successful organization that offers maximum value in the long run. Business Optimization gives you rock-solid advice on how to bring your organization to new levels of profitability and success. Jon Warner has created a highly important resource for any business manager or leader who needs to manage the bottom line more favorably, immediately and over the long-term. This well-written volume should be required reading for all MBA’s and anyone whose company isn’t operating at peak performance. Leveraging decades of hands-on success at some of the world’s most important companies, business expert Jon Warner shows leaders at all levels how to steer the organization to long-term profitability. Excellent!”

Julia Dilts, Co-Founder of Wild Horse Labs and Former Co-Founder & CEO of Maverick Angels adds, “Jon has taken complex business principles and has flawlessly turned them into an easy-to-read format in which people at any level within their businesses will be excited to keep turning the page to soak up more. His step-by-step approach will make anyone feel like they have a built-in virtual mentor at their fingertips.”

‘Business Optimization’ is available now. Click here to purchase. More information can also be found on the book’s new website: http://www.bizoptimization.org (launching second week of July).

Warner is available for a wide range of engagements including speaking, full-day optimization workshops, diagnostic audits and wider consulting work. For an expanding wealth of free information and to make contact, visit his blog: http://blog.readytomanage.com.

About Jon
Jon, based in Los Angeles, has been a frequent speaker across the US, Europe and in Australia. He is known for his expertise in Business Optimization, Leadership and Organizational strategy and Individual and team motivation and empowerment.

As a management consultant Jon has personally conducted or led consulting teams on a wide range of projects including business optimization audits, organizational reviews, leadership and change strategy development exercises, major change programs, setting up new learning and development systems, culture and climate reviews etc.

As an executive coach Jon has mainly worked with a range individuals in the “C-suite” including Board directors, CEO’s/President, Nonprofit Executive directors, Principals and Partners of professional firms and functional heads or VP’s of Marketing, Sales, Finance, Operations and HR in many different sectors and industries.

Jon has a double degree in philosophy and politics, an MBA (with a finance specialism), and a Ph.D. in organizational psychology.