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30 Christian Poems: Poet KJ White Puts His Life of Faith on Paper; Empowering Others to Strengthen Their Relationship with God

Through thirty uplifting and inspiring poems, KJ White helps both Christian and non-believers seek out betterment in God. With each verse covering some part of KJ White’s life, readers are invited to discover God’s love for everyone and in turn strengthen their relationship with him.


Beaumont, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2014 -- While millions of Christians have an unshakable relationship with Christ, KJ White knows first-hand that this bond can always be strengthened. Having enjoyed a life of amelioration himself, White has compiled his experiences into a powerful new book of poetry so readers can do the same.

Everything is exposed in ’30 Christian Poems’, an aptly-titled volume that serves a vital bible-companion and life blueprint for anyone wanting to grow closer to their faith.


30 Christian Poems is a collection for anyone who wants to be inspired. It is a study of the ways in which God touches our lives and directs our lives for our betterment. It is filled with inspirational poetry to uplift and refocus your life, stories of trials and hardships mixed with triumph and victory in Christ.

The book flows like a subtle river, taking you along on a rhythmic journey that will inspire and strengthen your faith in Christ.

“This is about my relationship with Christ, but by association it has the power to change the lives of millions,” explains White. “Not just Christians, but non-believers; anyone can start or enhance their relationship with Christ through learning about the experiences of others. Affirmations are a bold part of our religion, and I’m delighted to be doing my bit.”

Continuing, “Getting to know our loving creator is a journey that never ends, and I certainly know that this book will one day need to be added to in order to bring my current life situation up to speed. So many people fall foul of God as they think that they can achieve a state of absolute fulfillment. My book makes it clear that this isn’t true; and that lifelong strengthening can bare the best fruits.”

White believes that the poem format will allow his work to appeal to a wider readership.

“Most people don’t like being preached to, and certainly don’t want to have to trudge through a three-hundred page memoir. The poetry format allows me to share things in a much more succinct manner, benefiting the reader as they dive in and out of the sections that appeal to them the most. It’s a very powerful read,” he adds.

’30 Christian Poems’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1pob30N.

More information can be found on Facebook: http://on.fb.me/1wIUBLm.

About the author, in his own words:
Born Keith Jeffrey White, in Plaquemine La., a little town 24 miles Southwest of Baton Rouge, in the late 1950's

I was always asking why was I here, what was my purpose in life? Why are we here?

During my early teens I read the entire Encyclopedia Britannica, after school, at my Grammas', looking for answers.

While singing in the Baptist choir( St. Mary's ) at age 16, I decided to give my life to Christ, since I always believed in Him anyway. It took me years to realize that believing and having a relationship were not quite the same.

He called me to follow Him in 1979 and after much struggle(2years worth of struggle), I finally gave up and left

home to move to Houston, Texas. After a year there we traveled to San Antonio, Texas and remained there with

no family and no friends, for several years. There I went back to College got a Degree and continued my bonding

with Him. In 1995, at 35 years old, I married and He guided me to the Church of Christ. Since that time I have

read the Bible 4 times from cover to cover and the New Testament 7 times.

During my studies I asked the Lord, as did Solomon, for knowledge to understand His word. And I believe 30 Christian Poems reflects that my prayers were answered.