30 Day Insulin Resistance Bootcamp Set to Launch and Help Individuals Be Rid of Sugar and Starch Cravings


Sydney, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/03/2013 -- Anyone struggling to bring their insulin resistance and sugar and starch cravings under control will soon have a new way to do it. On September 8, 2013 the 3-Day Insulin Resistance Bootcamp will launch to help those suffering from insulin resistance. The bootcamp is the brainchild of Alison Cox, herself a victim of insulin resistance. Cox was diagnosed with insulin resistance in 2011 and quickly realized the condition was the reason she could not lose weight. According to Cox, “Learning how to eat right for this condition was the thing that made the difference, and that’s why I developed this boot camp, to teach others how to take control of their cravings.”

The program is a bootcamp because participants will put in a lot of hard work. Many people who find themselves unable to control their sugar and carb cravings search in vain for a solution, and most are desperate for a structured plan that allows them to succeed in not only being rid of cravings, but losing weight in the process.

This 30 day program provides the structure that people need and those who follow the steps of the program be able to effectively tame their cravings for sweets and starchy foods and once they have done that, the weight will start to come off. Participants in the program also learn which foods are most effective in suppressing the cravings, and perhaps most important, it helps people get focused, quickly set goals and establish good habits.

Cox has structured the bootcamp just like any exercise-oriented program and participants will begin the process with a significant amount of prep work and then each participant will develop a personal strategy for success. Cox will also begin each week by making a call to all participants to help them plan their meals for the week. These meal plans are structured and include guidelines to help achieve maximum results. Each week also includes specific goals and exercises each participant must work through and all those in the program will have access to a private online members area.

To learn more about Alison Cox and her innovative 30 Day Insulin Resistance Bootcamp, and to get instant access to the plan, visit http://irbootcamp.com/.