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30 Day Notice to Vacate California - Can Help in Delaying the Eviction


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/13/2013 -- It can be quite stressful to receive a 30 day notice to vacate from landlord or the property owner specially when it arrives out of the blue. This means that the tenant has very little time to relocate to a new house which can be expensive and stressful. A 30 day notice to vacate is variously called a 30 day notice, 30 day eviction notice, 30 days notice to vacate, 30 day notice to quit, or a 30 day notice to move out and all have the same legal requirements on the bank, landlord, or property owner that is making a legal complaint against the tenants. Even though they may be seen as the same but each have some differences and after receiving a 30 day notice the tenants have some rights and some obligations to fulfill. is an eviction delay company helping people gain more time in their home by contesting all there eviction notices. The 30 days notice to vacate is a very common document that tenants receive from their landlord or the property owner they are renting business space from or a bank can also issue a 30 day notice to vacate in an attempt to remove the tenants from the apartment or any other rental property.

866Eviction have a team expert California legal Pros who specialize in 30 day notice to vacate California and California Renters Rights. Their effective eviction delaying services will give tenants the opportunity to save money by delaying the eviction time period. The most important part of any eviction notice is the due date furthermore care must be taken to ensure that the 30 day notice California has been sent through the proper channel and it is in the proper form.

866Eviction can help its customers deal with all the eviction notices on their own terms because eviction is not just about moving from one house to the other, people might have various reason that might prevent them from moving out within a 30 day period and in such cases 866Eviction company’s eviction delaying services might be a great help as it will allow people to fight for their home. 866Eviction is regarded as the number 1 eviction delay service company in California, the company’s motto is:

“Delay your eviction. You have the right. We have the way”

866Eviction makes it easy for their customers to get the help they need to delay their eviction, people can go to the 866Eviction website:!30-day-notice-to-vacate/c5wk to fill out a simple contact form to discuss their situation no matter if they live in a rental property or a foreclosed property and get the help they need.

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