30 Days to Thin

30 Days to Thin, Weight Loss Guide by Christina Clark Launches at 30daysthin.com


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/26/2012 -- Christina Clark, well known author, researcher and fat loss coach has launched her latest book 30 Days to Thin via 30Daysthin.com. The title of the book is bold and so is the premise that more than half of the diet plans available in the market are junk. Claiming to reveal celebrity success stories the book has been a runaway success and a similar trend is expected with 30Daysthin.com where the author has also shared premium supplementary content and guides. In addition to content, the site also features open public forums for discussion on the book.

As various scientific studies of the last decade have shown, more than half of the diet plans in the market are mere junk and it is only the zeal to lose weight by eager females that has bloated the diet market to be valued $ 10 Billion annually. The latest trends are celebrity secrets and the spirit of Thinspiration and Pro Ana.

Hollywood has definitely imprinted an unrealistic image in the minds of impressionable young girls but are there really diet products out there which strive to achieve the magical claims they advertise? As per the long list of success stories of 30 days to thin and the published research of Christina Clark, there seems to be some truth in value of her procedures and products, documented in her book. She claims “I am so confident in the value of the book, that via 30daysthin.com, I aim to create an environment where people share their stories in real time and learn from each other in an uninhibited, collaborative manner. The 30 days thin forum would be open to public, thus putting the benefits and deficiencies of my book right in the open - leaving people to make their own judgment. ”

Such audacity is unheard of in diet products and definitely puts weight behind the celebrity methods and the spirit of Thinspiration which the book claims to have provided weight loss benefits all over the world. In a similar vein the book is inspired by few positive aspects of Pro Ana. Although the author and the site are quick to point out that they are in no context promoting anorexia. In fact the book has chapters dedicated to ways explaining the hazards of becoming anorexic and means to mitigate the same.

It has been long time since we had seen such a publicized effort behind the weight loss guide and the site http://30daysthin.com does inspire a lot of confidence. Over the last month the site has registered 10, 000 plus registrations. Much of its growth could be attributed to the product but social media has also played its part says Christina, further driving the point that if you have a valuable product the marketing takes care of itself once the medium is provided.

If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule a meeting an interview with the author of 30 Days to Thin, please contact Christina Clark via email at christina@30daysthin.com .