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30 Minute Workouts at Home Can Keep the Waistline in Check Through the Holiday Season


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2014 -- Max Workouts Guide is a website designed to guide people about the Max Workout HIIT program by Shin Ohtake. The website Max Workout Guide and Max Workout Program is based on the concept of high intensity interval training HIIT as workouts that are short yet effective for both losing weight and getting ripped. Max Workouts Guide has recently published an in depth review of the Max workout program’s effectiveness as a fitness plan throughout the holiday season.

The impending holiday food indulgence throughout the festive season is going to be a major factor in people’s sudden weight gain; the holidays will be full of sugar loaded, high fat and high carb foods that are bound to have a gain of few inches around the waist. To counter the effects of the holiday wining and dining Max Workouts Guide suggest people try out the Max Workouts HIIT program that consists of 30 min workouts done at home with little or no equipment required. Greg M. Tepper from Max Workouts Guide said about the fitness program: “30 minute workouts that can be done at home. I would like to highlight that they will keep you slim throughout the Holidays or any season for that matter and you can get slim in 30 minutes with minimal equipment, at home, and often times burn more calories with high intensity that you would with longer traditional style cardio workouts.”

The Max Workout program is perfect for the season because the full body workout routines are quick and effective therefore people will be able to fit and toned simultaneously during a short session of HIIT exercise daily to maintain weight and keep the waistline in check. The Max Workouts Guide review points out:

“There is no shortage of people working out at any gym for hours at a time, and they never quite experience the kind of results that they expect. With the Max Workout High Intensity Interval Training program by Shin Ohtake, you will finally be able to see substantial results in short term fat loss and gain muscle, without spending hours in the gym daily”

Max Workouts 90-Day Lean Body Fitness Program official site also highlights the common mistakes people make while exercising to lose weight and how replacing long bouts of cardio with short HIIT sessions makes sense.

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