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30 Years After Ground-Breaking 'A Nation at Risk' Report, Professor Says System Is 'Still Mediocre'.

The highly-influential 1983 report by the US National Commission on Excellence in Education presented damning evidence of the mediocrity of US K-12 public education. Three decades later, a brief follow up report by a Florida-based education expert proves that nothing has changed. Containing an abundance of fact to support its message, the report is set to resonate with readers up and down the country.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2013 -- 1983’s ‘A Nation at Risk’ report was a hard-hitting and frankly-honest exposé of the state of the US public education system. Published by the US National Commission on Excellence in Education, the report proved that the current system was ‘mediocre’ at best. Having had three decades to improve K-12 education, an alarming follow-up report by Dr. M.O. Thirunarayanan proves how little has changed.

‘Thirty Years Later: The Nation is Still at Risk’ provides thorough data and information to support the claim that mediocrity still runs throughout the public education system, despite the national influence the original report was thought to have garnered.

Researched and written for the present day, the report’s findings will come as a disappointing shock to anyone working within the K-12 education field. Among others, the report states that:

- Teachers are earning masters degrees for learning high school level content.
- Difficult questions are routinely discarded from teacher certification tests that are administered by States.
- Teachers are getting credit for taking watered down courses such as “Chemistry for Teachers”; courses that science majors are not allowed to use for credit to earn degrees in any of the science disciplines.
- Professional development curriculum for practicing teachers is at the difficulty level of high school curriculum.
- Minimum passing scores on teacher certification tests are very low.

As the author explains, the main themes of concern have hardly changed in the past thirty years.

“The initial report was intended to completely change the K-12 public education system at a national level. The entire education sector was shocked and people quickly became aware that things had to change,” says Thirunarayanan, an Associate Professor at Florida International University in Miami.

He continues, “However, while the content of report is still valid after all these years, the system is still mediocre and little has changed. Yes, time has progressed and education has modernized, but the basic conclusions from 1983 regarding ‘mediocrity’ sill ring true today.”

In order to compliment the original report and allow for easy reading, Thirunarayanan has worked diligently to keep his report succinct and brief. Still packed with highly-targeted information, thousands of education professionals around the country are expected to get their hands on a copy.

Due to the expected high demand, interested readers are urged to purchase the report as soon as possible.

‘Thirty Years Later: The Nation is Still at Risk’, published by CreateSpace, is available now: http://bit.ly/UiLlPU

About M.O. Thirunarayanan
M.O. Thirunarayanan currently teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in the College of Education at Florida International University, in Miami, Florida.

He also supervises doctoral students. He has made presentations at several professional conferences and has published peer-reviewed papers in many scholarly journals.