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30 Years Since William Tunkey's Win in Bubba Bust Case


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/11/2014 -- This June will mark 30 years after the infamous Bubba Bust case of Key West in which a number of police officials were indicted with drug trafficking charges. William R. Tunkey, who had successfully defended the defendants in the case, notes that while drug trafficking is a serious crime, the state should not overreach in the war on drugs.

The Bubba Bust case was highly publicized in 1984 when it was alleged that a drug racketeering operation was being run right from the offices of the Deputy Police Chief. The defendants were charged with conspiracy to commit racketeering related to a drug operation carried out from the Key West police station. The defendants included the Deputy Police Chief, two police detectives, the city attorney and his wife, and another former city attorney and a county attorney.

The 1980’s were especially known for rampant drug problems in Florida and drug smuggling was commonly practiced in certain circles. However, this case accused the police itself for being a part of drug deals. Several high ranking officers of the department were indicted in the case with charges including protecting drug shipments, helping to unload drugs and stifling drug investigations. The case was called the “Bubba Bust Trial” because Key West residents often called each other “bubba”.

The renowned attorney, William Tunkey, had used his expertise and experience in criminal defense cases in the subsequent trial. With his excellent performance, Tunkey won the acquittal of all eight defendants in the case.

Thirty years after the notoriously infamous case, William Tunkey is still taking part in criminal defense trials related to drug enforcement. Moreover, He has obtained successful outcomes in every type of criminal case, including white collar fraud, Medicare and Medicaid fraud, drug conspiracies, racketeering and violent crimes such as homicide, murder, robbery or rape. In order to know more probe to