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360 Degree Theater Launches Indiegogo Campaign for Its 8D Cinema Experience


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/06/2017 -- 360-Orbit Cinema is the first ever 360 degree Immersive Panoramic Cinema that will start its functioning in the Chicago Area. The creators of this remarkable entertainment technology have taken things to the next level by taking the cinematic experience beyond just seeing and looking and by giving the viewers a sensory experience. Therefore, they are now seeking community support for this project by launching an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds.

In addition, this 360 degree 8D Cinema will offer the most innovative screen experience ever with its cutting edge technology and several great features. The company has announced that this circular and immersive surround cinema theatre will open its doors to the public in Chicago area in the beginning of October.

Moreover, it will be unlike the regular 4D Theater as the movie will be projected from 12 special projectors with a computer system connected to each of the projector. This will give the viewers a sensation of being in the scene and they will be able to turn their heads while watching the film. Viewers will be able to experience sensations of snow, wind, water spray, vibration, smoke, leg tickles, fog and much more.

The Indiegogo Campaign is located on the web at: and supporters from around the world can back this project by making pledges and donations that can range from $7 to $20. For a pledge of $7, they will be rewarded with a single entry ticket while for a $20 pledge, four people will be allowed to enter in the cinema.

About 360-Orbit Cinema
360-Orbit Cinema is an all new 8D cinema based in the Chicago area of the American state of Illinois. This ultimate cinematic experience will be unlike any other and will surpass 3D or 4D cinemas. The company has now started to raise funds via Indiegogo for the future and expansion of this project and it is welcoming everyone to generously support the campaign.

Contact Person: Ajit Pandey
Company: 360 Orbit Cinema
City: Chicago
State: Illinois
Country: USA
Phone: 623-330-1132
Email: Pandey2311@Gmail.Com