3D Crystal Design Team Highlight Business Branding Opportunities

3DesignCenter has unveiled some of the top branding opportunities that are possible with 3D crystal engravings, which companies of all sizes can take advantage of.


Tel Aviv, Israel -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2013 -- 3D crystal engravings have long proven to be a popular item for gifts and trophies. However, what many companies have so far failed to realise is that they can also be very useful branding tools, as highlighted recently by the specialist 3D design team at 3DesignCenter

Companies are constantly on the look out for new ways to achieve better more effective branding. Branding is important for many reasons, and helps companies of all sizes to improve their image and become more memorable in the eyes of their customers.

It may sound surprising that such a simple item as a 3D crystal engraving can prove to be such a powerful branding device, but that is exactly what is being suggested by the team at 3DesignCenter.

The team have now highlighted a few ways in which crystal engravings can be put to use for branding purposes so that businesses of all sizes can enjoy the benefits of this simple but very effective technique.

One option that businesses can consider is to create an image of the building in which they work. If the building is particularly interesting and recognisable this can be an excellent way to improve brand recognition. The image can then be converted into a 3D image and engraved into a range of products that can then be given away as free gifts.

Another great way to use engravings is to convert an image of the company’s logo into a 3D version. This will then be very recognisable, and numerous crystal products can be created using the image. Companies can then hand them out to visitors or, better still, give away the engravings as freebies to visitors at their stand at trade shows and other industry events.

These are two very effective ways to use crystal engravings for branding purposes according to 3DesignCenter, and they can also be a cost-effective technique, especially when ordering engravings in bulk.

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