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3D Metrology Market to See Huge Growth by 2022-2028 : 3D System Corp, Automated Precision, Creaform, Keyence

3D Metrology Market Size, Share & Segment by Offering (Hardware, Software, Services), by Product (Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), Video Measuring Machine (VMM), Form Measurement, Optical Digitizer and Scanner (ODS), Automated Optical Inspection), by application (Quality Control & Inspection, Virtual Simulation, Reverse Engineering, Other), by End-User (Aerospace & Defence, Architecture & Construction, Semiconductors & Electronics, Heavy Machinery, Automotive, Medical, Energy & Power, Mining), and by Regions | Global Market Forecast 2022-2028


Pune, Maharashtra -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/16/2022 -- Market Overview, Definition, and Statistics
The scientific study of physical measuring is known as 3D metrology. However, it is frequently referred to in broader terms as the overall field of precise measurement in industry. Applying 3D metrology essentially involves taking three axes of an object's geometric data with extreme accuracy. Activities that process the use of various tools to measure the size and shape of industrial equipment are included in the 3D metrology market. The most widely used 3D metrology equipment on the market include 3D scanners, CT scanners, structured light scanners, portable arms with scanners, laser trackers, and mid-range terrestrial LiDAR. But the market is now observing an increase in cutting-edge technologies. For scanning and examining complicated components as well as for digitally rebuilding the scanned parts, 3D metrology is widely utilized.
As per the recent market research report published by the SNS Insider, the 3D metrology market is expected to USD 17.04 billion by 2028, with a CAGR of 8.7% during the forecast period of 2022–2028.

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Drivers, Restraints, Opportunities, and Challenges
The 3D metrology market is driven by a variety of reasons. For instance, the amount spent on R&D for 3D metrology, the level of quality control used while producing goods, and the desire for increased productivity by businesses providing electronic manufacturing services are all rising. Many precision instruments are now being used by the majority of industries worldwide to improve the quality of their goods. The time needed for product development and production to be completed is also reduced thanks to the metrology system. For instance, using CAD data for digital measurements might make the inspection process easier. The need for 3D metrology is anticipated to increase as a result of these reasons in the coming years.

Impact of the Russia-Ukraine Conflict
Businesses and manufacturing facilities were shut down because to the Covid-19 pandemic, which had a significant effect on the 3D metrology sector. Additionally, the worldwide supply chain has been impacted by full or partial lockdowns, making it more difficult for companies to reach their target markets. The COVID-19 epidemic also caused production disruption in Europe and interfered with the export of Chinese parts.

Market Segmentation

1.Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM)
2.Video Measuring Machine (VMM)
3.Form Measurement
4.Optical Digitizer and Scanner (ODS)
5.Automated Optical Inspection

1.Quality Control & Inspection
2.Virtual Simulation
3.Reverse Engineering

1.Aerospace & Defence
2.Architecture & Construction
3.Semiconductors & Electronics
4.Heavy Machinery
7.Energy & Power
The software component sector dominated the global market in terms of offerings. This is explained by characteristics like data aggregation and measurement across multiple sources. Additionally, it offers self-explanatory, comprehensive textual and graphical data that may be utilized to evaluate in-flight deviation and spot production trends.
The automobile industry dominated the global 3D metrology market in terms of end use. The demand for 3D metrology equipment is expected to increase across the automotive industry as a result of the rising demand for high-end automobiles, quick technological advancements being made by major manufacturers, and the requirement for fuel-efficient public transportation.

Regional Analysis
Numerous industrial processes, such as virtual simulation, reverse engineering, product design, quality control, and inspection, have included 3D metrology. The Asia-Pacific region's industrial expansion and good economic climate have recently had an impact on the market's overall growth for 3D metrology. In the fields of consumer electronics, food processing, machinery production, transportation, iron, steel, chemicals, mold design, raw casting, etc., China is regarded as the world's top manufacturing hub. As a result, China's 3D metrology market is anticipated to increase steadily over the course of the current projected year.
On the other side, the North American continent is home to several producers of medical, automotive, and aeronautical equipment. In addition, the automotive sector is using automation more and more. The region has seen a sharp increase in expenditures and research that are spawning cutting-edge technologies and fueling the overall expansion of the 3D metrology market.

Competitive Landscape Outlook
Some of the leading companies involved in the 3D metrology market are Exact Metrology, Applied Materials, 3D System Corp, Automated Precision, 3D Digital Corp, Nikon Corporation, Creaform, Mitutoyo Corporation, and Carl Zeiss AG.

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