3D Page Flip - A New Software Gives Actual Book Reading Experience


Guangdong, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2013 -- 3D Page Flip is this new software that gives any e-book a 3D flipping book effect. With the help of 3D Page Flip users will be able to convert any pdf file into a flipping book and will be able to read it like an actual book where they flip page to change. Many a times the monotonous scrolling down of the page get so boring that people put off reading. This new software will make your reading experience all the more fun. It will enhance the feeling of reading as if you are reading a hard copy.

The option of converting pdf to flipbook is one of the most awesome features. A lot of avid readers have been constantly searching for such software to make their e-books easier and more fun to read. Who needs a book on hard copy when they have flipbook? It actually saves money that you spend on all those expensive hard copies of your favorite books. With this you can actually convert all your pdf e-books to flipbook and maintain a proper fun library on your computer.

Flipbook Software also enables you to add a 3D effect to the images in the documents. That could enable you to create amazing 3D articles and newspapers etc. This software has the potential of changing the way that people view e-books and online articles and newspapers. Especially people who are into blogging could use Flipbook software in order to make their articles look more appealing with the 3D images that jump out of the page. That effect is indeed gripping.

This software also has an “add this” option which enables you to share your work with your friends and colleagues over the internet. This option also has an amazing ability to store information on the amount of sharing that took place. It means that if you shared the document with a friend and the friend shared it with six more people then Flipbook will record as to with how many people was the document eventually shared with. This determines the popularity of your article too.

Overall the software contains some very basic functions too which are easy to use and not at all complicated. This helps those people who are slow with software and require time to learn more. It is a great investment for all those people who are interested in reading and writing.

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We are a professional provider of 3D eBook creation tools! Our star product is 3D PageFlip Professional, which helps you to convert PDF to a realistic 3D eBook! In addition, we offer a wide range of 3D eBook converters to cover other document formats, like Word, PowerPoint, Images, etc. We now deliver 3D Publications to a wide variety of customers, which includes both public and private companies, organizations and unions. We believe that the technology will help you and your Company communicate with your customers in the way that they demand.

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