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3D Printer Arena Launches to Provide a Hub for the Latest 3D Printing News and Methods

3D Printer Arena has been created to share original insight, expert opinion and the latest developments with a growing number of enthusiasts.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2014 -- 3D Printing has captured the imagination of the general population like no other technological advancement, by drawing the world of science fiction closer to reality. A 3D printer can take a specification and create items by building them layer upon layer, creating exact replicas time after time of the most intricate and complex shapes and even moving parts. 3D Printer Arena is a new website created to help those enthusiastic about 3D Printing discover the latest news on the subject.

3D Printing is evolving at a rapid pace as consumer demand is at an all-time high following demonstrations of a 3D printer creating complex articulated models. 3D Printing even created controversy when plans were distributed to create a 3D printed gun. Now, HP has released the first commercially available 3D printer for home use.

The site covers these stories and more, as well as publishing helpful guides for beginners, covering topics from What is 3D Printing to how to source schematics for 3D printable objects. The site also explains open source 3D printing, online 3D Printing services and how to create a 3D printer at home.

A spokesperson for 3D Printer arena explained, “3D Printing is an incredibly exciting new capability and already its limits are being pushed back almost every day by new developments. We have already seen 3D wire-bending machines as well as typical plastic 3D printers, so when these two are combined there will be a way to create incredibly complex things using multiple materials. Already a prototype of a house building 3D printer is being created, and artificial limbs have been designed to be inexpensively 3D printed while incorporated complex features like deliberate articulation. It’s really going to change the way we do things in future, and being among the first to discover these new developments is why people come to our site.”

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