3dBotic Launches a Platform for Sale and Manufacture of 3D Printers and Kits


Reno, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/14/2013 -- There is no dearth of technological advancements with many players in the market. The best, however, offer the products not just at competitive prices but the quality is incomparable. 3dBotic is one such store that deals with manufacture and supply of 3D Printers to the regular person. While 3D printers are considered to be a huge advantage for small businesses buying them can be a little expensive on the pocket book.

3dBotic was founded with a hope to recreate the printing needs for those who run their business linked to printing. The founders have spent numerous years in identifying the best way to supply high end equipment at low price. The founders finally chose the 3D printers as they are highly durable and are a definite need. Some of the featured products offered by 3dBotic are Mendel Max variant printer and Mendel Max MM151 which is a completely assembled and calibrated printer with complete electronics set up. The product is tested and it is believed to be a reprap which is aluminum extrusions which increases the print quality product generates. The gallery view of the printer would help to notice the printer from different angles and it can be added on to the shopping cart. Customers within the U.S can get it shipped for free.

3dBotic has the reputation of providing build it yourself 3D printer kits which are invaluable. The printers come with low cost yet high performance value. They come with the entire set up without the need for calibration. All the products are tested by experienced engineers and hence the functionality is unquestionable. The resources section would help address queries on hardware and software of the printers. Buying a 3D printer at this store is an easy way of saving huge on the expenditure as the same quality product is supplied at low cost. As a special feature for the launch of this company, all the 3D printers are being offered at sale price. This is a limited offer. The available printers can be viewed and bought at https://3dbotic.com . In case of any queries, the FAQs section on the website can be helpful or customers can also drop in an email to 3dbotic@gmail.com.

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