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3Dlasergifts Goes International with the Launch of UK Website, to Focus on Crystal Gifts


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/17/2012 -- With success in the U.S., 3dlasergifts has launched another website for customers in UK. 3dlasergifts.co.uk will have all the categories and collections that were available in the US website. With increasing demand of 3D laser gifts from international customers, 3dlasergifts launched the website to reach out to customers overseas.

Personalized gifts at 3dlasergifts, according to the website, are now available for purchase at the UK site. A personalized gift involves a quick 3 step process in which first, the shape of crystal is selected, second the picture is uploaded and lastly an order is placed. 3D laser gifts are also branched into categories such as anniversary, weddings, graduation, awards and memorials to help customers make a decision on the 3D laser gift they want.

Debra Fischer, the media spokesperson of 3dlasergifts was asked why 3D laser gifts had become so popular and how they succeeded in the US, her reply, “The idea that you can have your image engraved in a crystal and on top of that have it in 3D has impressed many people. The finishing quality of the product is amazing. The success in the US was due to the fact that the product itself is one of a kind. We just made it accessible to the customers.”

The website is integrated with nearly all social networking sites. The site also contains a live online support and customer support helpline. Special features like sale of the month and pick of the week are also displayed on the website’s homepage.

Debra was further asked on what the most popular 3D laser gifts are, she replied,” Anniversary crystal gift has become one of the most demanded 3D laser gifts lately. Usually people order the anniversary crystal gift for their parents and spouses for each other. Birthday crystal gift and wedding-crystal-gift are also very popular. Wedding laser crystal gifts are mostly bulk orders. Newlyweds like to give 3D laser crystals as a return gift to their relatives and friends. A 3D laser gift as an award has always been famous in fact the existence of the laser gifts started by giving them as awards.”

About 3dlasergifts Inc
3dlasergifts Inc is one of the leading companies in 3D laser gifts. They are based out of Las Vegas, Nevada and now have added another online platform, http://www.3dlasergifts.co.uk/, for UK customers. One of the company’s most popular products is personal 3D laser gifts, where the crystal and image within is customized according to customer’s personal choice.

For more information about 3D laser gifts, or to schedule a meeting or interview with founders of 3dlasergifts.co.uk please call at 0186-988-0222 or email at support@3dlasergifts.co.uk.