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4 Life Physiotherapy Announces Addition of GaitScan Technology for Assessments and Creation of Custom Orthotics


Mandurah, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/04/2014 -- Drs. Jye McCaffrey and Grant Pattison, principal physiotherapists at 4 Life Physiotherapy, announced that the practice is now offering evaluations and orthotics utilizing the GaitScan™ digital technology. The equipment can conduct a complete assessment in approximately 10 minutes. The results assist the physiotherapists create a customized treatment plan and orthotics for a wide variety of issues.

From a fall on the football field to a long day in front of a computer, McCaffrey and Pattison utilize their extensive experience and expertise to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate a wide array of conditions and injuries. The practice offers specialized ergonomic solutions, along with occupational health and safety services in Mandurah and the surrounding environs.

Clients can find relief from the pain of a myriad of common complaints for any part of the body. Advances in the field of physiotherapy allow McCaffrey and Pattison to offer state-of-the-art technology to assess and treat injuries and conditions ranging from whiplash and sciatica to migraines and back pain.

McCaffrey offers an extensive array of acupuncture and related treatments recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) for conditions that include stress and insomnia, arthritis, and post-operative pain. The clinic provides LASER acupuncture that utilizes no needles, along with traditional Chinese techniques. Dry needling, electro-acupuncture and hot needle therapy is available, and clients can choose auriculotherapy stimulation of the ears and Chinese massage known as Tuina.

Recreational and professional athletes suffering from strains, strains and fractures have a one-stop resource at 4 Life Physiotherapy. Pattison customizes treatment plans and rehabilitation services for the individual. The practice offers on-site gym rehabilitation to facilitate recovery. Assessments are available to identify patients who are at risk of injury and customized prevention programs.

The practice provides employers with ergonomic and manual handling risk assessments for employees and job role profiling based on Department of Transportation classifications, allowing business owners to select the best employees to fill their positions. Manual handling training can be arranged to teach individuals how to perform specific tasks safely and minimize the risk of injury.

The women’s health services at 4 Life Physiotherapy are designed to treat conditions specific to woman at all stages of life. Real-time ultrasound assessments are offered, along with treatment and management for bladder and pelvic floor issues. Pregnancy and post-natal physiotherapy addresses abdominal health and musculoskeletal problems arising from breast feeding. Specialized exercise prescriptions help prevent and manage problems arising from osteoporosis.

The services at 4 Life Physiotherapy include clinical Pilates to treat old injuries, improve posture and muscle control, and increase tone and flexibility. Sports and remedial massage provides relief from pain, promotes flexibility, and assists with depression. The practice offers Swedish massage and deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release. Gentle spinal manipulation eases pain and assists in restoring a normal range of motion.

Clients can book their appointments online and fans can follow the practice on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Patients can purchase a full range of braces and supportive devices, kinesio wraps and therapeutic rubs to prevent injuries and aid the healing and rehabilitation of existing problems at the practice’s online  4 Life Physiotherapy Shop .

The clinic is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association, Sports Medicine Australia and Exercise & Sports Science Australia. The experienced physiotherapists at 4 Life Physiotherapy provides consultations with coaches and other professionals. New patients can learn about the clinic’s online savings special for an  initial consultation .

The GaitScan™ technology offered at 4 Life Physiotherapy provides patients with a painless and modern method of identifying problems that can affect multiple areas of the body. The data provides the practice’s experts with the information to create customized orthotics that address a variety of issues and injuries. The addition of the GaitScan™ technological tool is just one of the methods the practice utilizes to help patients enjoy a mobile, pain free life.

Located at U1, 25 Rafferty Rd. in Mandurah, Western Australia, the practice can be reached by phone at 08 9583 5200, via FAX at 08 9583 5505, or by email at . For more information, visit the website at

About Jye McCaffrey
Dr. Jye McCaffrey is an experienced musculoskeletal physiotherapist specializing in occupational health, Workers’ Compensation and ergonomics. He’s practiced extensively overseas and is a qualified acupuncturist. McCaffrey offers physiotherapy consultation services at 4 Life Physiotherapy and at off-site locations. He’s an Australian Vestibular Association (AVESTA) registered physiotherapist. McCaffrey is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association, Occupational Health Physiotherapy Special Group, Australian Vestibular Association and an affiliate of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society of Australia.

About Grant Pattison
Dr. Grant Pattison specializes in musculoskeletal and sports physiotherapy, the management of back and neck pain, and injury rehabilitation. He has post-graduate certificates in Advanced Sports Rehabilitation and Orthopaedic Manual Therapy. Pattison has provided physiotherapy services to Peel Thunder Football Club for four seasons and the Mandurah City Soccer Club prior to that. He’s worked extensively with recreational and amateur athletes, and those participating in state, national and international level competition.

Dr. Jye McCaffrey & Grant Pattison
Principal physiotherapists
4 Life Physiotherapy
Phone: 08 9583 5200