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4 More SMTP Relays Integrated with EasySendy Pro


Bengaluru, Karnataka -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/14/2016 -- Email marketing has been there in the market for the last 15 years and with time we have seen the growth of email marketing in leaps and bounds. A number of email marketing tools came up in the market which has been helping businesses since the time it came into existence. So has EasySendy Pro been helping businesses in the quest of running successful email marketing campaigns so that they can build their own brand name. Pro- a Hybrid Email Marketing tool which ensures the businesses to send email marketing campaign with better deliverability rate, improved open rate and click through rate. This, in turn, improves the level of ROI (Return On Investment) that a company earns through an email marketing campaign.

Hybrid email marketing is a relatively new concept the world of email marketing tools. It is the blend of best whereby the businesses will be able to optimize email deliverability and scalability which would not incur them too much of expense. Hybrid email marketing solution will help different business organizations (including the SMBs) to integrate with various SMTP relay server as per their needs of activities. Organizations can easily route their highly engaged recipient to multiple SMTP relay server.

Recently Pro has launched new features in its software system. Some of the top features that have been launched are:

- Email Campaign List Filter: A whole new feature of Pro which can be found in Email List Subscriber. This feature will allow the customer to check the status of his individual subscriber on a given period after sending an email marketing campaign.

- Campaign Report Chart: This feature was already present in Pro. It has been added with few new features in the dashboard. Now the users will be able to see Total Email Recipients, Opened, Unopened, Clicked, Bounced and Unsubscribed email subscribers along horizontal lines.

- Email List Suppression Feature: This is again a new feature that Pro has added to its software. This feature will allow the Pro users to suppress a particular subscriber from their list of subscribers if they do not wish to send a particular email to that subscriber. Likewise, they can remove that person from the list as and when required.

- Deep Email Subscriber Activity Filter: This feature will allow the Pro customers to create some different filter for their subscribers based on a past Email List, Campaign, Subscribers Source, Activity behavior and Timeline duration. These past practices of the email subscribers will help the customer to View, Export, Confirm, Disable, Unsubscribe, Blacklist and Delete subscribers at once.

EasySendy Pro is infused with the technology of micro-deliverability of email campaigns. Here the emails are sent through multiple cloud SMTP relay servers which ensure that the emails land in the subscriber's inbox, promoting high open rate and click through rate. The chances of email landing in the spam box reduce as well bounce rate decreases. Added to these, business will be able to build their own sending reputation if they send their email campaigns through SMTP relay server. This is not possible with the ESPs as they happen to send the email marketing campaigns in their own name, not allowing businesses to create a brand awareness of their own. Also, sending emails through SMTP servers incurs less expense as compared to emails when through the ESPs. Therefore, it is always sensible to send email campaigns through SMTP relay servers.

Pro has recently got integrated with four new SMTP servers namely SendinBlue, Tipimail, MailerQ, and Mailjet.

- SendinBlue: SendinBlue was launched to leverage email and SMS marketing campaigns to inform subscribers, engage them and convert them into buyers. It also helps subscribers through their personalized buying journey. In fact, it is the simplest, most reliable cost effective marketing platform.

- Tipimail: The Tipimail SMTP API is very easy to integrate and use with any system, app or website. It specializes in routing emails and faster deliverability of emails.

- MailerQ: It is a fast, flexible and a perfect on-premise tool for email delivery software.

- Mailjet: Mailjet is one solution platform which helps businesses to power marketing and transactional emails. This software has made creating, sending and optimizing email campaigns all the more easy for the business organizations.

Now you can integrate your Pro account with these SMTP relay servers to experience a better email marketing campaign.

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