40 Plus and Fabulous Addresses Issues Important to Women over 40

“FabU Academy” Conference Puts Women in Control of Aging


Greensboro, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2013 -- As a 40+ woman, is your life unfolding with all the motivation and passion for life that you deserve? If the answer is anything but, “You bet,” on February 23, 2013, connect and recharge with women over 40 at 40+ and Fabulous FabU Academy; a day of information, tools, resources and support designed exclusively to meet the needs of today’s 40+ woman. The 2nd annual event will take place at the Bryan Park Golf and Conference Center, 6275 Bryan Park Road, Greensboro, NC.

Sondra Wright is like a lot of 40 something women in North Carolina, “You’re working hard at your career, raising a family, maintaining a home, and hopefully, squeezing in some fun. But sometimes it seems there’s little time for you, and even less time to think beyond the reality of everyday life,” Wright said. “Many women were fortunate enough to have a mother, grandmother, or mother figure to prepare them for young womanhood, but many of those lessons expired somewhere around age 35. Most women are not adequately prepared for what it means to be a woman in her 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, or beyond.”

Sondra is working hard to help women change the way they see themselves as they age and think about all they would like to do, have, and become in the years that lie ahead of them.

“Crossing the threshold of 40 isn’t the dark, dismal, over the hill event our society has so cleverly convinced us it is – it’s a rite of passage, and it should be celebrated as such,” she said. “If there were ever a perfect time to write an amazing new chapter in your life – that time is now.”

An essential part of said chapter is proactive planning. There will be exhibits, workshops, and interactive discussions that focus on topics like mid-life transitions, health and nutrition, self-care, reinventing oneself, and caring for aging parents.

Wright said, “Historically women over 40 haven’t had many role models. They haven’t seen enough examples of women changing directions, reinventing themselves, discovering passion and purpose, and pursuing their dreams after 40. Women have to be very clear that life does not end at 40, and we need something more substantive than images of mid-forties actresses who still look good in a bikini. That’s wonderful for them, but the average 40+ woman is not larger than life. To the contrary, she’s a real life woman dealing with real life issues, and our goal is to connect her with real life answers.”

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