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40% Say "Lack of Marketing Knowledge Is Limiting My Success" in a "Marketing Challenges" Survey Currently Underway

National Survey Closes in 3 Weeks - Participation Invited


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2014 -- Early results from a survey being conducted by an Orlando-area firm reveal that the greatest marketing challenges business owners and non-profits face are primarily caused by a lack of marketing knowledge.

The 1-question poll – still open for people to participate in - asks one multiple choice question: “As a business owner or as a non-profit organization, what do you find to be your biggest marketing challenge?”

Responses are being recorded at: Final results will be released in early March.

“Clearly, business owners and non-profits recognize marketing is essential to organizational health and growth,” said Ken Countess, managing director of The Countess Group, a marketing consultancy now in its 14th year.

“We’re committed to helping organizations prosper. This survey is enabling us to learn which marketing gaps which are most impeding attainment of their goals. The more we know about their circumstances, the more effectively we can help business owners and non-profits become achieve success,” Countess said.

About The Countess Group
The Countess Group (TCG) is a marketing and communications consultancy which has been providing strategic vision, tactical execution and measurable results for clients since 2001.

TCG provides value-added services such as:

- Strategic Marketing
- Marketing Communications
- Corporate Communications
- Email Marketing
- Social Media Marketing
- Public Relations
- Internet/Website Development and Optimization
- Customer Acquisition/Retention/Engagement
- Lead/Demand Generation
- Customer Relationship Management
- Sales Channel Development
- Sales Training and Support
- Trade Show Support

The company is led by Ken Countess, an award-winning marketer and an accredited, nationally recognized expert on Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing.

Mr. Countess has held executive management positions at several Fortune 100 companies and has been a senior partner at Ascend Marketing, a 35-person marketing firm. While with such well-known companies as Motorola, Marriott, and Caremark (now CVS), Ken has been responsible for creation and delivery of multiple successful sales growth strategies, strategic messaging and communications, and change management programs for worldwide markets.

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