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Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/17/2012 -- Sprinter Transmission started off as a small business serving local clients and is today one of the most preferred names in transmission repair. The company has time and again proven to deliver quality and commitment at affordable prices. The company’s 40 years of experience in the industry translates into top class service irrespective of type and nature of repair.

Sprinter Transmission handles all kinds of Mercedes transmission repair and maintenance. Transmission is that part of the car which is pivotal in keeping the car in top shape while adding to the performance. It is therefore a crucial component of the car’s body. If the transmission goes bad, to get it back into shape is a task that can take up a lot of time and effort. The repair team from the company is therefore keen on helping customers understand the importance of Mercedes transmission maintenance.

A good maintenance routine can go a long way in avoiding transmission repair and as a result help save the van owner a good deal of money.

Once a transmission repair is on the cards, there is nothing much one can do to avoid the cost involved. Sprinter Transmission has a very practical solution for this problem. The team here helps the customer save a significant amount of money by offering remanufactured transmissions which can serve as a good alternative for a complete transmission replacement. Transmission replacement that involves installation of a new transmission can cost a lot and can also jeopardize repair goals.

Sprinter Transmission through its impressive industry experience helped many customers meet their repair needs without having to empty their pockets. Since the technicians on board are ACE certified, customers can expert highest quality and care. Owing to their technical expertise and experience dealing with transmission repair problems day in day out, the technicians are very aware of how repairs should be handled. Their interaction with customers has also empowered them to help customers deal with their repair situation in an informed manner.

Mercedes owners are well aware of the fact that Mercedes manual transmission is probably one of the most complicated car part of all times. Manual transmissions are slightly harder to understand than automatic transmissions. And, this is the reason why just about any repair person cannot handle the repair. The person who is assigned the task of Mercedes transmission repair should possess two things. First, he should have the knowledge to handle the repair and two, he should have the right parts to go ahead with the Mercedes manual transmission repair.

Sprinter Transmission and the maintenance team offers a 3 year/100,000 mile warranty on all of their remanufactured sprinter/Mercedes 722.6 & 722.9 transmissions. This guarantee is one of the many service features that make Sprinter Transmission the most trusted name in the business. To know more about this transmission repair and maintenance company, log onto http://www.sprintertransmission.net

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