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408 Jump Preaches Safety First Prior to Spring Festival Season

Safety is paramount when one uses bounce houses and other party rental inflatables


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/08/2014 -- The journal Pediatrics recently reported that 31 children are treated, on average, every day in emergency rooms across the country for injuries sustained on party rental inflatables such as bounce houses. Fractures and sprains tend to be the injuries seen, and only three percent of these injuries lead to the child being hospitalized. "When one makes use of party rentals from 408 Jump in San Jose CA, safety must be the top priority at all times," Manny Kaloti of 408 Jump proclaims.

When one goes to use 408 Jump bounce house rentals or any inflatables offered through the company, the manufacturer's safety guidelines and directions need to be followed exactly. Children under six must be closely supervised, and only one child should be using the inflatable at any one time, for safety reasons. "Children of this age tend to become preoccupied with what they are doing and forget to watch out for others. Having children play individually reduces the risk of injuries occurring when two children collide in the bounce house or inflatable or when one accidentally falls on another," Kaloti explains.

Older children should also play in the inflatable or on the water slides from 408 Jump individually. There may be times when multiple children will play simultaneously and, in those situations, parents need to continuously supervise the play to ensure each child has adequate personal space and plays nicely. "Precautionary measures such as this minimize injuries, however, one must always ensure there are enough adults to provide the necessary supervision. For a bounce house, one needs a parent for each side of the bounce house to provide this level of supervision," Kaloti states.

Any rough housing needs to result in the immediate removal of the offender. Although this appears harsh to some, children must understand the risks involved with bounce houses, water slides and other inflatables. Kaloti suggests those supervising the children have whistles to alert children when a violation has occurred. After removing the child, the adults need to explain the infraction and have the child sit out for a period of time. Doing so helps to ensure the safety of all using the rental.

With bicycles, helmets help to reduce the risk of injuries, yet the helmet cannot stop all of them. The same is true of inflatables. Children get hurt at times even with the proper supervision, yet adults can reduce the risks by using the above safety guidelines. "Allow the children to have fun while working to reduce injuries. The two are not mutually exclusive. Inflatables are meant to be enjoyed, and they easily can be with the help of safety guidelines such as this," Kaloti declares.

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408 Jump remains the party rental service consumers turn to when searching for inflatables in the bay area. Whether one needs a jump house, slide or food machine, 408 Jump can help as they own more than 70 bounce houses, featuring characters such as Elmo and the Backyardigans. 408 Jump inflatables bring out the kid in every guest.