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4Cs Diamonds Introduces Loose Diamond Sales in London for Custom Jewelry


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/22/2013 -- 4C's Diamonds of London has introduced loose diamond sales in London and the UK to customize consumers' jewelry. The addition of loose diamonds to their wide variety of services offers consumers an exciting opportunity to customize jewelry. For many of 4C's Diamonds customers, they come in to buy an engagement ring in London , so 4C's is offering consumers something as unique as their love.

Diamond buying can be a stressful experience for couples. There are many aspects to consider- color, cut, clarity, and carat. It's hard to know what the right choice is until something stands out to diamond buyers. That special stone could be sitting among a group of diamond engagement rings in London or it could be a loose stone, offering consumers more freedom to create the perfect ring. But loose stones could be appropriate for a variety of kinds of jewelry. Whether that perfect engagement ring, broach, necklace, or bracelet, loose stones offer customers an opportunity to tap into their creativity.

Whether customers shop in the store or buy diamonds online in the UK , 4Cs Diamonds has some of the most valuable and best examples of cut, color, clarity and carat available among diamond buyers in the UK. These beautiful diamonds have been praised by customers who found the stone representative of their happy ever after at 4C's Diamonds.

Highly-trained and experienced staff members specialize in one-on-one consultations to help customers find the right diamond. Customers can arrange a personal appointment at the world-famous Hatton Garden District store to go over the diamond selection process. 4Cs Diamonds also offers a unique and valuable free tutorial to help customers understand the impact of various factors on the value of a diamond. Customers also receive appropriate documentation of the diamonds value when purchasing loose or set stones from 4Cs Diamonds.

About 4Cs Diamonds
For more than 15 years, 4Cs Diamonds has been a leading retailer of loose diamonds, gemstones and jewellery in the greater London area. Customers come from all over the United Kingdom to visit the Hatton Gardens store location, and thousands of others visit 4Cs Diamonds over the Internet. 4Cs Diamonds, named for the four important factors of diamond assessment—color, cut, clarity and carat weight—delivers quality, professional diamond appraisals and buys both loose and pre-set jewellery from customers at the highest prices.

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