Joe Bragg Launches a Sober Escort Service


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2012 -- Problems with drug and alcohol addiction cost thousands of lives every year, and cripple thousands more. There are also the manifold undocumented social issues that come from the terrible toll that addiction can take on an addict’s family and loved ones. Fortunately there are organizations that aim to liberate people from drug and alcohol addiction and help them to go on to live sober, more productive and happier lives.

One company gaining a lot of attention in this industry is They offer a number of different services to help those who are struggling with addiction.

This include a sober escort, who accompanies a client on the way to a treatment or detox program and ensures that they are not derailed by temptation along the way.

They also offer a recovery coach service to give guidance to those who are currently struggling with addiction, helping them with any questions or support they may need on their journey to sobriety.

Their highly acclaimed sober companion service is even more in depth. A sober companion is by the client’s side 24/7, and is always there to offer support through the dark days of recovery. Recovering from addiction is a difficult process fraught with pitfalls, and for many people having a 4DRecovery sober companion has made the difference between complete recovery and relapse.

A spokesperson for explains their recovery services:

“Alcoholism and drug addiction is a terrible specter that haunts the life of thousands. Our aim is to help people break free of addiction, and help them begin a new life without the chains their habitual consumption of drugs or alcohol has bound them with. Every single case is unique, so we offer a range of services. They can be used individually or in varying combinations, depending what is right for the client and their particular situation. What they all have in common is that they are long-term solutions, and they have been incredibly effective in helping people regain control of their lives. We pride ourselves on delivering a very personal service. Our founder Devin McCrossan is a recovered addict himself, and he understands exactly how it feels to be tied down with addiction. All of our services are personally tailored with that experience in mind.”

About is a company that offers several different services to help people recover from drug or alcohol addiction. They assist in the intervention process, and provide recovery coaches, sober escorts and a sober coach service.

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