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4FastPlumber Shares Simple DIY Solutions to Prevent and Fix Frozen Pipes on Its Website

4FastPlumber, a plumbing company in Woodbridge, Virginia, has offered several do-it-yourself preventive measures and remedies to prevent and fix frozen pipes during the cold season. The company advises its clients to contact a professional plumber if all these solutions fail.


Woodbridge, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/16/2018 -- Homeowners in the Woodbridge, VA, area can prevent their pipes from freezing by implementing any of the preventive measures outlined in an article published on the website of 4FastPlumber. The company has also offered various DIY solutions to thaw frozen pipes without having to call your local plumber for assistance.

The Woodbridge, VA, plumbing company, 4FastPlumber, has revealed several viable DIY solutions to frozen pipes. The company has posted an informative blog on its website outlining the various solutions to frozen pipes. The article contains DIY solutions to prevent frozen pipes and DIY solutions to fix frozen pipes. According to 4FastPlumber, frozen pipes can cause a serious clog in your pipes leading to water supply and drainage problems in the house. Also, the frozen water expands when it turns into ice and this can cause the pipes to rupture or burst causing the homeowner hefty expenses in plumbing repairs. One of the simplest ways of preventing frozen pipes is by leaving the thermostat turned on to a very low temperature. Another way of preventing frozen pipes is by insulating them with wrappers. One archaic way of preventing frozen pipes is by leaving the faucet(s) slightly on to allow a small trickle of water to run through the pipe at all times.

If the pipes are already frozen, 4FastPlumber recommends instant shutoff of the main water valve. This ensures that no more water flows inside the pipes. The next step is to open the faucets so that the trapped frozen water can drain through the pipes after thawing. Start thawing the exposed pipes by applying heat carefully and slowly on the pipe using a hair dryer, an infrared heating lamp, a portable electric space heater, an electric heating pad or blanket, an electric pipe heat tape, or towels soaked in hot water. For hidden pipes, turn up the thermostat and use the heat generated to thaw the ice in the pipes. 4FastPlumber warns against using a blowtorch, kerosene, a propane heater, a charcoal stove, or any open-flame device, to thaw frozen pipes.

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