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4FastPlumber Warns Plumbing Clients in Fredericksburg, VA, About Bathroom Safety

4FastPlumber has shared some useful bathroom safety tips on its website. The company has expressed concern over the rising number of bathroom accidents in the Fredericksburg, VA, area and offered some viable solutions to ensure bathroom safety at home.


Fredericksburg, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/16/2018 -- Plumbing clients in Fredericksburg, VA, have learned a great deal about bathroom safety from an article posted on the weblog of the local plumbing company, 4FastPlumber. According to the post, homeowners can prevent bathroom accidents by installing nonslip textured tiles, textured mats, grab bars, shower seats, and safe bathtubs in their bathrooms.

4FastPlumber, a plumbing company operating in Fredericksburg, Virginia has published an insightful article on bathroom safety in the blog section of its website. The company has acknowledged the need to address the serious problem of bathroom accidents at home. According to the article titled "How to Ensure Bathroom Safety in Your Home," which can be found at, very many people have injured themselves and others have even died after slipping and falling in the bathroom. And the main reason why these accidents are so prone is due to the fact that bathroom floors are usually wet. According to a recent research report, over two thirds of all bathroom accidents occur while showering or bathing in the tub or in the shower and about 14% of all these accidents occur while people are using the toilet.

4FastPlumber addresses this serious issue by offering several preventive measures that can prevent these persistent slip-and-fall accidents. The most commonly applied solution is the installation of anti-slip or slip-resistant textured bathroom tiles. Homeowners should be very careful when buying bathroom tiles to ensure that they get the specially designed variety for adequate traction and grip even when the bathroom floor is wet. Textured floor mats can also be used to provide traction in the bathroom. Another viable solution is grab bars all around the bathroom walls. These grab bars provide hand support when walking across the bathroom. One can also consider installing a water-resistant shower seat or stool. And to ensure bathtub safety, the homeowner should hire a professional plumber to put in a textured additive on the interior surfaces without undermining the smoothness. All in all, bathroom users should always be careful when in this functional room.

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