4OVER4 COM on Branding Through T-Shirt Printing Do It Like Nike

Online printing company 4OVER4.COM analyzes Nike’s success on branding through printed t-shirts to adapt the strategy to other businesses. Following Nike’s footsteps on the strategy makes sense since they are clear industry leaders. The professional printer also gives you ideas on how to promote your own business with relevant t-shirts.


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/29/2014 -- Online printing expert 4OVER4.COM has taken Nike’s t-shirt branding as a succes example for other businesses. the strategy can be adapted to products of different nature and the printer professionals analyze how on their company blog.

According to Matthew Kish, a staff reporter for the Portland Business Journal Nike’s sales on Western Europe grew by 11%, while its closest competitor Adidas decreased by 8%. Being both companies on the sports’ apparel range, 4OVER4.COM browsed Nike’s online store to take a look at their t-shirt messages and why they are so popular.

The blog post describes Nike’s t-shirts as current and relevant to their target market. They are easily recognizable by their fonts and designs but the slogans are unique to each sport discipline. One of the clever strategies is to offer locally targeted products and inspirational messages to customers.

4OVER4.COM invites companies to try print t-shirt branding toincrease exposure. Creating relevant slogans and mad libs to their brand a company can promote themselves. The key is to make an attractive products that customers and employees would be happy to wear.

Printing custom t-shirts with the company logo, different sizes, quality material and engaging to the brand’s target market are some of the factors to consider if you want the marketing strategy to succeed. The promotional product can be distributed as contest prizes, special order gifts or exhibition souvenirs.

4OVER4.COM is an online printing expert in custom print products. Learn more about the uses printing t-shirts could have to your business on their company blog and website. For more information about this or other topics contact them at (718) 932 2700 .

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