5 Axis Waterjet Cutting Is Now Available at Hydrojet with Advanced Capabilities


Reading, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/18/2013 -- The capabilities of the new 5 axis waterjet cutting machine from Hydrojet is one of the world’s leading waterjet cutting technology offering some of the most precise cutting there is. Hydrojet’s machinery has been able to master operating this sophisticated equipment in order to produce the most precise, high pressured water cutting on various surface materials. They are able to cut any shape, size, or angle into metals and many other materials all with the power of pressurized water.

Composite machining can be used for many different reasons such as designing a new metal signage for a company thus making for a truly remarkable statement or decoration piece. Or simply for the need prototypes, circuit boards, and parts that may be needed in mass volume. With these advanced capabilities, it allows for minimal waste of materials making it cost-effective. Their 5 axis waterjet cutting machine has an extremely sophisticated software program that allows for specific cuts to be made.

When it comes to machining composites, the advanced machinery provides the most precise and smooth edges so each one is exactly the same. In the waterjet cutting industry, many new technologies have been coming out year after year, which increases the power and cutting them quicker than before. These advanced capabilities allow for quicker, more effective results, with less material being used.

About Hydrojet, Inc.
Hydrojet, Inc. has become a strong leader in the waterjet cutting and precision machining industry. Their main goals are to provide clients with the utmost precise and excellent service that has made their business a success to this day. The state of the art facility that withholds all of their most advanced equipment and technology is located northwest of Philadelphia. This is where the professionals at Hydrojet are dedicated to offering the best most accurate products that surpass all expectations.

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