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5 Day Free Promotion of Expat Guide to Visas for the Philippines Launching Soon

U.S Expat With Over 27 Years of Experience Gives Away Copies of His Latest Book


Manila, Philippines -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/05/2014 -- released their latest book in January 2014 and it was an instant success. The books author, Gary McMurrain, has decided to offer a special promotion and will be making the book available for free for a limited period of 5 days.

Gary McMurrain and Steve Fleming started the website in April 2013 with the sole purpose of helping others to enjoy the kind of lifestyle that they have come to love. The site is packed full of articles and insights into just what it’s like to live as an expat in the Philippines.

The Expat Guide to Visas for the Philippines will be available for free from 10th February, 2014 until the 14th February, 2014. After the special promotion period the book will return to full price. The book is a guide that makes it easier for those looking to obtain a visa for the Philippine and helps to make the process a little easier.

“I know from the years that I’ve spent responding to questions from people interested in moving to the Philippines that this would make a great topic. There’s so much bad information available online from the misinformed and those who are jaded and disillusioned with their choice of retiring to the Philippines. These kinds of people tend to paint a very one-sided and tainted view which is obviously based on their own limited experiences.

With this book I wanted to set a few things straight and actually get the truth about living and retiring to the Philippines into the right hands. I’ve been actively involved in the Philippines for over 27 years and have been studying its people, culture and history for much, much longer.

The information that I share is based on those experiences and studies and I know for a fact that it has helped thousands of people.”

The Expat Guide to Visas for the Philippines helps to make the process of getting a visa to the Philippines a little easier than it otherwise would be. Gary and Steve are committed to helping people to retire to the Philippines and will be releasing many more books in the future.

We asked Steve Fleming why he decided to start a website with Gary McMurrain and this was his response.

“Gary is one of the most passionate and knowledgeable people I’ve ever known when it comes to living the expat lifestyle in the Philippines. I’ve read quite a few posts and articles from those that claim to have the ‘secret sauce’ but they all pale when compared to Gary.

The reason I actively targeted Gary and made an effort to partner with him is because he’s so helpful and willing to assist wherever possible. He moderates forums, writes books and articles and even arranges to act as tour guide to people who are interested in coming here. I don’t know of anybody else that shows that kind of dedication and commitment to a single objective and I’m happy to call Gary McMurrain my business partner!”

About Gary McMurrain
Gary McMurrain first visited the Philippines in 1986 and in 2008 he decided to retire there permanently. He is widely considered as an expert in the field of living the expat lifestyle in the Philippines and writes profusely about the subject.

In early 2013 he and Steve Fleming launched the website Retiring to the Philippines to showcase both their writings on the subject. It is their intention to become the number one resource on the Internet for those seeking to find out information about retiring to the islands.

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Contact: Steve Fleming
Telephone: +63 9324601566
Email: steve@retiringtothephilippines