5 Figure Day Review - Another Make Money Scam? Examining Bryan Winters' Program

5 Figure Day program is presented by Bryan Winters, who is a renowned internet millionaire and one of the top Clickbank vendors. Bryan has developed several winning 6 figure sites that help him make money online.


Orcutt, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2014 -- 5 Figure Day Unleashed represents an innovative approach to online marketing that enables users to attract traffic leads and commissions quickly. The system, which can run on autopilot, promises to show them a proven method to make money on the Internet.

Citing that a good email list is key to any online business, membership to 5FigureDay allows users to build a large and profitable email list plus multiply their affiliate commissions faster than the ordinary marketing techniques. This is made possible by traffic forwarding, a method unique to this system that helps generate leads and commissions continuously and automatically.

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Basically, the system leverages on the work of others and channels subscribers into one’s email list as well as funnels potential commissions into one’s Clickbank account 24/7. Members also get a free, ready-made 5 Figure Day website upon signing up and another fresh website every month, all live and fully hosted with built-in viral components.

Using this system, members are given the capability to build several websites and make money from all these by getting automated leads and generating potential commissions on a daily basis. The system claims to offer unlimited monthly income, draw huge traffic, and build a private email list fast by harnessing the work of others. It offers users an additional source of income or probably an opportunity to earn full time.

Moreover, the system is said to be safe and secure, easy to use even for newbies, has no hidden fees or costs, can be run from anywhere in the world, and fits any schedule that anyone can learn to use it. It presents an instant start-up online business with a ready to use website and a supply of new sites thereafter.

Click Here to Instantly Download 5 Figure Day Ebook

Together with the 5 Figure Day website, a new member gets to give away the free version of the list building site to others. New subscribers who join the system through one’s website will receive instructions on how to access and use their own new viral site. Essentially, the subscribers one refers will simultaneously build his email list and promote products tagged with one’s affiliate links every time they use their free 5FigureDay sites.

As subscribers are automatically included in one’s email list and sent to a Click bank offer that carries one’s affiliate link, everything works on autopilot day by day. Members keep adding subscribers and earning potential commissions without spending anything.

What’s more, a member receives a commission whenever a subscriber upgrades. The system gets to keep track of these since the websites given away to one’s subscribers are embedded with one’s affiliate link for 5 Figure Day.

A member gains from both free and paid referrals who, more often than not, are attracted to one’s website because of the free sites being given away. As the websites are automatically hosted and ready to go instantly, subscribers can’t help but grab them and start their own email list. The system also shows members how to get more visitors to the websites using free or affordable marketing methods.

The new reloaded websites given to members each month replicate the system as free versions are also automatically sent to their referrals, who will continue to build leads and generate potential commissions. In effect, they repeat the process and go through list building and products promotion again and again.

Then, if there comes a time a user cancels his membership, the system will allow him to still receive all leads and commissions from his efforts up to that point.

The regular membership is $97 per month but a 50% discount is currently being offered for the first month. Enjoy a $47 access fee for the initial month to try out the system, which promises to provide autopilot leads and commissions even for a short period of time and after the membership is discontinued.

People interested in making money online can also check the website for limited offers such as the ongoing launch promotion that allows new members to start using the system for only $1 for one month. The membership can then be continued at the regular rate. The system comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

5 Figure Day is designed by Bryan Winters who is known as one of the most aspiring and famous Internet marketers of present time. He has previously designed a number of membership websites, training systems, list building or traffic generating systems in the recent times.

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