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5 Jaw-Dropping Swim Fashion Trends for Summer


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/07/2013 -- Ladies wanting to make a splash at the beach: look no further. The designs are out, and this summer, your swimwear will become the statement of your wardrobe. With these top five looks, just about everyone’s jaw will drop for your sense of summer style.

Here are the top five trends in swimwear, based on swimwear designs for the 2013 season:

1. Ruffles
Nothing is more feminine than a girl with ruffles. On a tankini top or on your bikini bottoms, ruffles are fun and flirty. Instead of basking your entire outfit with ruffles, consider a central statement. Your tankini top, for example, can have large, over-the-top ruffles down the center or on a dramatic v-neckline; with this look, you won’t need any accessories. A ruffled skirt can easily make your tankini look like a fashionable swim-dress. Simply adorable! Be careful with your use of ruffles, however, because misplacing ruffles can make a woman look larger.

2. Shoulders
Designers have added definition this year with more structured styles. Thicker straps are in, giving the illusion of a strapless t-shirt look, but with a modern edge. Some swimwear will have sleeves, adding various shapes or asymmetry on one shoulder for some fashion flair.

3. Bold color blocking
Forget pastels and neutrals – wear bold colors on the beach to show off your confidence. The great part about having a tankini is that you can constantly change up the look of your swimwear. Opt for a modern look by getting swimwear with bold colors and blocking. A sporty silhouette and geometric design of contrasting colors are some of the biggest trends of the season, similar to fashionable swimwear of the 80’s. Mix-and-match colors will help you change up your look throughout the season. You won’t have a single repeated look at the beach – bye, bye fashion police!

4. Eye-catching prints
Just as bold colors are important, don’t be shy about wearing an eye-catching print. Consider adding a print to your tankini top, something like a sea- or animal-inspired print. Screen-printed swimwear is also incredibly popular at department stores this season. To change up the look, consider integrating the color-block style; you can use a single bold color on the bottom – like a black, deep purple, teal or red. For those feeling especially bold, consider mix-and-match prints styles with your top and bottom piece. This new look can make your body a canvas for a living piece of art.

5. Knitted and woven swimwear
The collections this year showcases lots of knitted and woven swimwear, especially with the weaving of thin strips. You can see this a lot with one-piece suits, monokinis and tankinis, where the elegant lines of the silhouette are emphasized. is the go-to resource for everything tankini swimwear. Here, you can learn about the different designs and options you have when shopping for tankinis. You’ll also learn about styles, colors and the latest trends in swimwear to help you get the best deal and be fashionable on the beach or at the pool.

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