5 Natural Treatments to Start Reversing Kidney Disease


Paramus, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2013 -- Can kidney disease be reversed is often on the minds of the people who suffer from kidney problems or want to avoid the problems in future. The damage to the kidneys can happen due to high blood pressure, diabetes and other such medical problems. Some of the simplest ways to reverse this disease is by following a healthy kidney disease diet. This will help you to keep the kidney in good health and avoid health problems in the future. Some of the simple steps that one can take are mentioned below. This will enable one to keep the kidneys in good condition.

Thiamine Consumption To Naturally Reverse Kidney Disease

Vitamin B1 which is also known as Thiamine is one of the best compounds that one can consume to keep the kidneys in good condition. This vitamin helps many enzymatic reactions involved in the breakdown of food. The enzyme is an effective catalyst. It has been found in research that most people do not get enough of this vitamin from the foods that they consume. This is simply because the foods rich in Thiamine are also rich in phosphorus and potassium. This is troublesome for many kidney disease patients. This unregulated amount of potassium and phosphorus in the body can lead to more problems. Orange juice, milk, wheat germ and cantaloupe are some other thiamine rich foods. Keep consumption low of these foods because of the potassium content. Consider taking a thiamine supplement to maintain adequate nutritional levels.

Phosphorus Elimination To Naturally Reverse Kidney Disease

People who want to reverse the kidney problems must be able to eliminate phosphorus from their diet. The person must be cautious so that he does not consume foods which are rich in this material. Consuming a vegetarian diet has been found to be helpful in preventing the increase of the phosphorus levels in your body and eliminating the kidney problems in the long run.

Over Worked Kidneys
Consuming a rich animal protein diet will lead the kidney to work more hard. Meat, eggs, fish make the kidneys to work hard. The calcium from the foods are to be leached from the bones and excreted into the urine. This makes the kidneys work hard. Hence having a vegan diet is helpful for people who want to reverse kidney problems.

Vegan Foods
Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, legumes, seeds and nuts are some of the foods that one can consume to make the kidneys work in a good way. Soy products can be cooked in different ways and can be consumed. This will add variety to the foods that you eat and also help you to keep yourself fit in the long run. All these foods will ensure that you get the necessary vitamins and minerals in your body and do not over work your kidneys. This is a good way of ensuring good health of the individual.

Therefore these are some naturals ways in which kidney diseases can be reversed and you can keep the kidneys be healthy for a long time period.

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