5 Years in the Making: Indie Game Digs for Completion Funds on Kickstarter


Olympia, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/06/2013 -- With aesthetics that blur the line between He-Man Masters of the Universe and a late 80's arcade machine, Dungeons the Eye of Draconus has started to emerged from the single-bedroom apartment that birthed it. Forged by a three-person team, this arcade style 3-player brawler is finally on the verge of completion.

After losing their lead sprite artist in 2011, team SuckerFree Games has endured a series of disasters including their apartment flooding with sewage and job loss. They survived a car wreck, multiple deaths in the family, and a stroke. But they did not quit. Rather, the team has regrouped, vetted a new artist and is on the march to Kickstarter glory. Their intent? To secure completion funds, potentially qualify for OUYA's #FreetheGames fund and be released in time for PAX Prime 2014.

Putting team SuckerFree's personal struggles aside, Dungeons the Eye of Draconus features both local and online co-op, a rocking dynamic sound track provided by JT Bruce and Matt Milne and a fully voiced cast featuring the vocal talents of Casey Mongillo of Red Dead Redemption and singer song writer The Amazing BrandO. As you hack, slash and blast your way through the hand painted landscapes, you'll find yourself battling cannibalistic Kobolds, fighting fraternity Orks, accosting communist smurvs and riding vicious war slugs into battle. The wackiness, detailed levels and fluid late 80's style sprite animation combine to make a unique gaming experience that should appeal to retro gamers everywhere.

Staring Gleobryn the cleric, Bolax the barbarian and Rose the thief, the players follow these anti-heroes on their misadventures paralleling the heroes of light and virtue. Their motivations vary from amassing treasure, to drinking and battling to proselytizing the virtues of an often misunderstood deity. Dungeons is crude, funny, fully voiced and is priced affordably (and reasonably) at $5. When completed, it will be made available on PC, Mac, Linux and OUYA.

The people behind SuckerFree Games have poured their souls into this project. Gamers everywhere, if you ever wanted to support a real indie studio that cares about their game, given it years of their lives, and have invested everything they had into its realization then this is your chance. Support Dungeons the Eye of Draconus on Kickstarter -- preorder, get a poster, a miniature bust, or be pixilated into the game as a character. Just pledge. Even a dollar will help take them one step closer to their journey's end. Go and visit www.Dungeonsgame.com

About SuckerFree Games
SuckerFree Games was started as a collaboration between three former Evergreen State College Students. Two screen writers with Bachelors of Arts in Film and a talented industry programmer set out to produce games that emphasize both gameplay and story. Based in Olympia Washington and Portland Oregon the team hopes to bring their vision of retro gaming to nostalgic and new gamers. Focusing on the era of gaming in which skills were necessary and fancy graphics took a back seat to substance and heart. Their future plans include an indie developer booth at Penny Arcade Expo 2014, upgrading their previous title "Kobold's Quest" to include online multiplayer and perhaps the revitalization of the classic so bad its good franchise, Cheetahmen.

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