500 Survey Teams Deliver LaZerCAD Designs

Company supplies reliable as built drawings


Calabasas, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- As built drawings are now a huge part of architecture because these are drawings that deliver existing conditions as opposed to proposed options that may or may not see light in the future. These drawings provide a more realistic approach to meeting the building needs. Today, with the growing need to comply with industry standards, more and more establishments are turning to LaZerCAD for their mapping needs.

A company, which has for many years now continued to deliver in this direction is LaZerCAD LLC. This is a company which has given clients from various fields’ right from retail, banking etc. the power to stay in tune with their construction needs by giving them 100% access to quality designs. A feature that LaZerCAD carries and no other company has is that it has 500 experienced survey teams deployed to manage as built drawing needs.

This number has helped the company deliver fast and reliable results that clients in turn have benefited from by using the data to begin projects on time. The as built documentation provided by the company is highly detail oriented with every design accompanied by 360 degrees photographs to provide better understanding of the plan.

Photographs give clients instant visuals which help in picturing the plan in a much better fashion. LaZerCAD LLC is one of the few companies to do that. And, it is not just the concept of delivery that has the company drowned in orders. It is also the delivery system used that helps clients get information at lightning speed. The company employs what is called the LaZer2Cloud™ technology which empowers instant appraisal of the data received.

In other words, as soon as the survey teams are ready with the design plans, LaZerCAD updates client systems with these designs by uploading them via LaZer2Cloud™. What this means is that as soon as the designs are uploaded, clients will be able to view them that very moment. This is the kind of technology that helps quick review of designs, instant gratification and ability to suggest changes before further resources are invested.

“We deliver accurate building information with object linked virtual 360 photographs to corporate clients across the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe and Asia”. Besides commercial projects, the company is currently engaged in national survey projects. To know more and get in touch, log onto

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