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50connect.co.uk Publishes Advertorial on Pension Annuity Rates, Also Provides Annuity Calculator


London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/08/2012 -- 50connect.co.uk, a popular destination for mature audience in the U.K., has recently published an advertorial on how to get the best pension annuity rates. This annuities guide by the company is published to clear any confusion about pensions and provide a concise explanation on how to get the best pension annuity rates. An up-to-date calculator is also provided by the company in the advertorial, which comes with an optional free no-obligation advice. 50connect.co.uk has been active in providing financial advices to its visitors. The company also answers any queries via their forums and groups.

The pension annuity advertorial has been written by renowned author of 50connect.co.uk, Mr. Gareth Hargreaves. According to the description of the authors in ‘Meet the Team’ of the company, Mr. Hargreaves has over 10 years of experience as a journalist for consumer magazines and another 10 years working online for websites related to life over 50.

In this particular advertorial Mr. Hargreaves states that pension annuity rates have come down due to a lifeless economy, fickle financial markets and increase in life expectancies. Despite unfavorable circumstances, writes Mr. Hargreaves, it is possible to get good pension annuity rates by looking towards other options. These options include investment linked annuities and flexible drawdown plans. Furthermore the author clarifies the confusion that pension itself will provide a monthly income after retirement. Pension is a tax-efficient mechanism to build savings and investments for retirement and requires a purchase of annuity or flexible drawdown policy to actually receive some sort of income from the pension, states Mr. Hargreaves in his advertorial.

Further in the advertorial the two main types of annuities – conventional/level and investment linked are explained. Conventional, preferred by 80% of annuity holders, provides a fixed retirement income but depends on the annuity rates which could be low and investment-linked have varied pension income but can provide high incomes in case of favorable investments, elaborates Mr. Hargreaves.

The advertorial lists the 4 things that could bring about the best annuity rate for a specific person - First being freely communicating with the Independent Financial Advisor (IFA) about anything related to pension annuity, second is shopping around for the best rates and not fixating on any one offer, third is going through a health check up to see if you qualify for an enhanced annuity which is given in case of serious health conditions, and the final tip is taking your time while selecting an annuity as once its final it can’t be replaced.

At the end of the advertorial an annuity calculator is also provided to help people estimate how much pension income they can expect. This annuity calculator also comes with a free no-obligation advice which could be useful for planning out one’s retirement.

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