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Amazon and Has Recently Listed Real Deal Steel and Its 1955 Chevy Body for Sale


Sanford, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/04/2014 -- New 55 Chevy body for sale is offered by the Real Deal Steel Company and is recently listed in the automotive retailer Summit Racing and Amazon. The company offers affordable prices, fast delivery and great quality of the Chevy body skeleton.

Real Deal Steel is now listed in Amazon and Summit Racing with a top skin, dash, drip rails, tailpan and installed quarter panels of the completely new 1955 Chevy body for a hardtop of 2 doors. The precise fixtures and exclusive US-Built platform that the company uses for assembling of each 55 Chevy body for sale ensure that the spot-welds are 25% more high-strengthen compared to the original body.

The shipping takes only 4-5 days. The vehicle bodies that this company produces are made of real steel and the manufacturing process takes place in the USA. The new quality steel body skeleton has gone through multiple tests and has been carefully inspected by professionals, who confirm its great qualities and sturdiness. These bodies are available in a great variety of configurations to meet their customers’ projects and needs. They are more reliable than the factory bodies made originally, as their 25 percent more high strength spot welds are used in the process of 1955 Chevy body manufacturing.

The 55 Chevy body is perfect for vintage car collectors, who take part in different shows. These old cars can be easily brought back to life with new parts offered by the Real Deal Steel.

Automobile restoration and car rebuilding are not the same thing. Rebuilding means that any type of parts can be used to fix the problems, while restoration means using parts as much closer to the authentic car as possible. Lookalike parts will not be suitable, if a real restoration should be done. So usage of the original parts is essential for people, who would like to preserve the authenticity of the vintage 55 Chevy vehicles. Thus, the restoring of the original condition will keep its value and even make it higher. The restored Chevy can take people back in past times.

Real Deal Steel provides quality 55 Chevy body, ensuring that it is going to last more than the original body. This will greatly enhance the interior of the 55 Chevy. Keeping the vintage car in its original condition can worth a lot of money and this makes the total price of vehicle quite high.

All who are interested in the art of 55-57 Chevy restoration can take a look at and Real Deal Steel offers cheap prices for 1955-1957 Chevy along with low Shipping expenses and fast delivery.

About Real Deal Steel
Real Deal Steel ( is a leader in original Chevy parts manufacturing. Joe Whitaker and Randy Irwin has created this company being great fans of classic Chevrolets and among the most knowledgeable Tri-Five experts in the world. Their goal is to bring the classic bodies back to live making them more durable and stronger than ever.